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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chapter Two: A rooftop proposition

Chapter Two: A rooftop proposition

Trevor Clevantes a ruling member of the vampire elite struggled to fly as he carried two human beings. These two were more precious to him than all of his families billions, land, power, or anything for they represented life for him and his family. The world was an inhospitable place for any creature not a living dead zombie. For while we know a vampire is stronger than a human being. They are gifted with fantastic abilities beyond belief as well. The undead blood suckers still required humans for protection and substance. Trevor had never considered himself above reproach as most of his species did, but he held no malice or hatred towards the truly living. He did not see them as equals nor did he see them as worthless. Until the zombie invasion vampires had been content to live their long enchanted lives just out of sight of the humans they fed upon. For although physically stronger than mortals’ vampires were vulnerable out numbered by at least a million to one. This living dead plague, he hoped would lessen the great divide between humans and vampires. In his minds eye which beheld much history and many threats to the vampire clans, he knew these two humans he held aloft would survive far longer than he if they split up.

Trevor came to roost high above the city streets atop the Techmaco Building near the shores of Lake Michigan eighty eight stories high. Obviously fatigued slowly but regaining some of his skin tone. Standing up straight his expensive shirt flapped in the breeze ripped to strings by his impressive black bat like wings. Trevor brought his wings into place once he was older they would drape him like a black velvet cloak, but for now they were absorbed into his back through the skin. Below them the vertical red square building vomited smoke as smoldering fires burned unchecked within. Val stepped back tucking the gun in her waist band taking Robs arm for comfort. Rob played the axe from hand to hand waiting for the mythical beast to attempt to take him and Val. No words passed about they stared one another down mentally weighing their options. Trevor’s hair waved in the wind like a gold ribbon. The acrid smell of smoke wafting on the lake winds was carried off towards Wisconsin on the lakes far side. Save the three beings who watched each other the roof top was devoid of life it held only scaffolding for window washing and assorted tools.

"So!" Rob broke out into speech "you want our help but you threaten to drop us to the ground if we refuse!" A hostile bitter Rob points with his axe for added appeal "You misunderstood me my friend" came the soft chorus like voice of Trevor "I was showing you what your alternative was surely tonight I did indeed save your lives." His speech was dignified and eloquent while Robs was anything but! "Hey blood sucker we aint your friends you are no different to me than those sacks of shit down there! You just like your humans prepared a different way!" The wind kicked up Trevor’s eyes became blood red orbs in their sockets like polished marbles. He was upon Rob so fast the husky man hadn't even drawn a complete breath. "Make NO mistake fool!!" To drive home his superiority Trevor effortlessly lifted Robs 244lbs skyward with but one hand. "I am more powerful than you could ever imagine! I am not to be trifled with nor am I to be insulted by the likes of you!" The metal barrel pressed into Trevor’s skull didn't persuade him as Val squealed "put him....down....please."

Trevor’s smile was easy and seductive Val had no intention of shooting their unlikely ally, although she was overwhelmed with the urge to submit her essence to the vampire prince. "Valerie save your bullets M’lady for they shall only serve to further enrage me!" In Trevor’s powerful right hand Rob hung fighting for breath with slob and spittle frothing from his lips ran onto Trevor’s hand. Rob was flung to the rooftop. "I have come to you with compassion please my friends do not mistake it for cowardice." Wiping his hands on Rob’s filthy shirt and helping the dazed man to his feet. "I could have killed you both back there......" placing his face in his hands "… and the hunger almost caused me to do just that." The summer nights humidity covered him he began to pace no fear of falling to his death his walk was much steadier almost regal, He hopped upon the buildings ledge. Kneeling he cast his gaze down at the ruined city. "How can we trust you?" Val was over at Rob’s side "how do know you won't kill us or turn us into vampires?!" Val’s questioning was erratic she was exasperated.

Trevor spoke without facing the humans "My dear sweet Valerie when one is low on food tis it not insanely foolish to make more mouths to feed? My question is how do I know you won't kill me when the sun arises? In a few short hours as I sleep, I will be at your mercy!" Val was taken aback she blinked in disbelief "So,” He interrupted her "So, if I don't find shelter I will die with sun rise!" He moved from the ledge bare feet crunching pebbles as he came lifting Rob gently to his feet. "Forgive me dear Robert as I do have something of a temper. I will be vulnerable and at the mercy of those who watch over me as I slumber. Should you choose to help me survive? I will in turn help you survive. Do we have a deal? May I welcome you under the protection of the Most High Vampire Clan Enoch? What say you?"

Val clung to Rob as he did to her Trevor Clevantes was attractive and appealing to men and women alike. Val felt he could probably convince her to leap from this building should he so choose. "What does this bond do for us?" Rob all but spat. Trevor stood nose to nose with the Black man who stood over him by four inches. "Help me get to San Diego my families’ estate is an impenetrable fortress. There are other humans who serve us, food, protection and most importantly the luxury of relaxation. No more running for Robert you and I both know tis only a matter of time before you are caught. As an offering of good faith I well even provide you with details of my weaknesses for while I am not mortal I am not immortal. I too can die." Val and Rob toyed with the proposal "we already know how to kill a vampire!" Rob smirked "garlic, crosses, a steak, holy water..." Trevor emitted a harmonious deep laughter which infuriated Rob to no end.

"To many movies my friend!" the laughter subsiding "sun light, ingesting the blood of the dead, the afore mentioned steak to the heart, crosses work only if the bearer has faith, and there are no more truly pure priest or men of the cloth left so holy water is out!" Val's natural intellect and curiosity overwhelmed her "so the zombies why won’t they bite you?” Trevor shook his head "don't believe they will for I am nothing more than another of the undead to them. My blood is black my flesh is cool not warm like yours. Most importantly I do not produce the sweet tangy aroma of life as you do.”

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