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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chappter Nine: Welcome to the fold

Chapter Nine: Welcome to the fold

The coach driven by its ebony coachmen moved through the darkened city with a purpose. The immediate purpose was the survival of those sealed with in its luxurious interior. Human and vampire alike fought for survival of each species over the new dominate one Homo-Cadaverous. Val tended to the broken right arm of the meek stewardess Li as Trevor their vampire leader had explained to Jim Rivers what he and Li had come into. Jim was flabbergasted but compared with what he'd seen in the last few days, he tossed his cynical beliefs asunder. "Good Lord!" exclaiming Jim steadily moving away from the vampire who sat before him was which seemed impossible. The coach would have to be the size of the Titanic as the handsome young demon cleaned the blood of Jim’s former boss from his chin. "You mean to tell me you people have agree to this idiocy!" glancing to Trevor "no offense!" Trevor bowing his head slight with a deep visible smirk knowing the little man had almost no choice, but to agree as well. "Why would you let yourselves become cattle for this monster?" Jim asked. Val couldn't suppress her anger "look if you want we'll pull over and you can wait on the next fucking bus!" She looked a Li who was either wincing at the pain in her arm or her harsh words. She laid the small Asian American woman across the seats they'd sat on rising to come to Jim's side. "Pick your poison Jimmy!" Val mocked "either you’re cattle for sustenance day in and day out, or steak for dinner tonight?" "First of all my name is Jim not Ji....." Val cut off the pilot he sighed but kept his tongue bound within his mouth.

"We were fucked Jim!" her voice grew louder as she moved instead to the front of the coach placing a hand on Rob as he drove. "Trapped in a building and were it not for our blood letting friend here we would be dead and so would you!" Jim placed his hands over his head as he listened. "He gave us shelter, our first real meal since this shit over ran the world, his word and most importantly a chance!" Val looked at the woeful man. Jim Rivers was never consider a genius but nor was he a fool as he spoke he wasn't interrupted. "And that, I realize is something those things won't give us." Jim put on his best poker face when he addressed Trevor Clevantes directly. "Are you being of honor, will you provide us with protection and all we need if we help you, and what assurances do we have of you allegiance to this union?" Trevor came to his feet standing above the man sitting in front of him “My friend I am indeed a being of honor, and will provide you with all I have to offer and more. My word says to you I will never feed from you without your permission." Trevor's smile was easy and soothing but his powers of persuasion worked better on women and homo-sexual men of which Jim was neither. "Madame Valerie hasn't told you yet of my trepidation and weakness. For soon kind Sir the sun will rise and I will be at your mercy I will seek your protection from the most feared mannered of death to my kin the sun." Jim glanced to Val noticing her lovely features and her sidekick Robert who was intently focused on maneuvering the bus. Instead he moved around Trevor kneeling besides Li whom herself was very attractive in her exotic ways. Jim had always had a slight infatuation with the woman he'd know for about the three years they had worked together. He brushed her black hair from her face "what do you say doll. We have a fighting chance if we sign on. His tones hushed and even now a slight smile wrestled the corners of his mouth into a grin. Li Lee lost in her own thoughts plagued by a weak spirit and inner turmoil as to weather or not living in such a world as they now did was something she desired. "Jim......" she swallowed words barely audible "I don't want to die........I don't want to die alone!" No one save Jim Rivers heard her until she began to weep lightly kissing her forehead Jim placed his head softly against Li's. "Me neither doll......." Jim was over come with new found courage his mind darted to many conclusions the first was to tell Trevor few things.

Holding Li's delicate hand Jim Rivers found himself locking eyes with a creature he knew could tear him limb from limb. "We're in Trevor we'll join you clan and resolve ourselves to being you Happy Meals, but if you ever cross us expect to be crossed back my friend!" Trevor gave Jim a half bow "then Mr. Rivers we have a gentleman's agreement, I most graciously thank you both. Ms. Lee please feel better!" Trevor was pleased with himself most definitely but the sun would soon arise he began to retreat to the coaches rear sealed domicile. "Not so fast Trevor!" Rob called out "we are dangerously low on diesel gonna have to make a pit stop!" Trevor turned on his heals "The sun will be up soon!"

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