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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Union Chapter Five: The Elder versus The Eternal

Chapter five: The Elder versus The Eternal

Trevor slinked into the bed of the Lord of his kind. While most believed the vampire legends that they slept in coffins. “Coffin like” was a better term for Azrael’s slumber chamber. It rose from the floor in the midst of his ornate bedroom. The vast majority of the blood sucking undead felt safe sleeping underground only. The silver chamber slid open with a soft "Fiss" unsealing itself. Inside it was white, silk and satin plush and soft as clouds fluffed by the summer winds. Trevor defeated emotionally and weak from a lack of proper feeding climbed into the coffin like set-up rolling over onto his back hands across his chest. Depressing the switch he fell quietly into a suspended animated state. The lid pressed closed sealing out the light and exterior air. An air purifier kicked on. Even with a mansions worth of bedrooms from which to choose from Rob and Val huddled intertwined under the bed on shag carpeting. They were directly adjacent to the master bedroom which held their vampire savior. Azrael stood silently listening to the moans and wails of this bastard inbred hybrid of humanity and vampirism. These zombies as they were called Azrael was almost assured had sprung forth from the traditional ghoul of vampire lore. A true ghoul was a human who for some unknown reason when bitten by a vampire did not complete the metamorphosis into the new grander species. Instead they became walking talking corpses who fed on the living flesh. The ghouls mere presecence was an afront to the vampire species. Their rotting carcasses festered and disintegrated some times in weeks and in one case years.

In any case the most physically powerful entity on the face of the earth had donned ten centuries worth of battle attire that he'd collected over the centuries. A full faced helmet from when he rode with the Turks slaughtering Christians in the Middle East. He wore a chest plate from two hundred years later when he rode with The Knights Templar massacring Muslims from Libya all the way to Israel. His shield and sword forged from pure gold looted from Constantinople by both he and Attila the Hun. Azrael had never cared for humans nor their insignificant lives only his true clan and his love of killing. Slowly he opened the door to his domicile three hundred pounds of amour adorned him and its weight was less than noticeable as he had begun the process of morphing his outward appearance to meld with his inward hatred. Having lost his Lady Ester all he desired was mayhem, bedlam and the ease of the cessation of life with out her! Soon he would have both for on the horizon where the sky meet Lake Michigan’s fresh water the hint of daylight and Azrael Arch-angel to the House of Scorpios' true adversary awaited. His breathing was fierce as he locked the door securing the fortress like house for his young charge and his life saving human cargo. Marching down to the front yard of the estate Azraels eyes began to burn more intense than even he though possible the area around him aglow as if a bonfire burned into the pre dawn sky. The undead siege machine on the other side of the wall was oblivious to all. The living dead catching sight of the light show and the cacophony of the heavily armored vampire Lord wail aloud. The dead drew in clamoring at the wall excited by the motion and the noise was it "flesh..... live humans" they seemed to ask. Azrael stood psyching himself up as his ocular sockets blazed with each breath his body mass increases the armors fit becomes more snug fitting to the massive frame it was molded to centuries ago. His finger nails long and yellowed become blades. As did the nails on his bare feet Azrael became more animal like than humanoid. Fangs sprouting like ivory tusks which had brought to end a many a life. The dead screamed, Azrael roared, and the sun came closer to mediating the feud of the dead.

Unsheathing a blade that had seen more battles than could be counted let more blood than some rivers may hold without spilling their banks. Its golden hilt fused into a polished steel blade. The last sign of Azrael superiority a set of weather beaten leathery wings tattered on its edges and black as coal. His massive wings twice the span of young prince Trevor's leathery wings. "ESTER!!!!!!!!!!!" The beast growled vaulting form his spot over the wall of the compound landing atop a car compacting it under his weight. The ground shook as he stepped down among the fetid bodies’ flames breeching the mouth of the Vampire Lord. The undead zombies all but ignored the dead beast after all it wasn't the human meat they sought they continued howling clawing for the wall and the living it protected. Inhaling deeply Azrael expelled a plume of flames form his mouth. Zombies began to explode in an inferno of white flame infused with rage and fueled by undying love. The zombies simply ignored the huge being in their numbers. Drawing his sword casting a glance to the east more light at the corners of the night than Azrael had seen in a millennia. Cleaving through the masses like a farmer’s sickle in hand tilling a field of amber wheat. Hacking and slashing zombies flew in chunks limbs and pieces scattering to the wind. Azrael’s anger driving his rage as he slung the huge golden shield with superhuman strength decapitating zombies by the dozen. Taking up the sword in both hands daylights first sting touching him from afar beads of semen colored liquid boiling to the top of his dermal layer and rolling off in wet plops onto the street. The blade sliced steel discarded wrecks as easily as dead tissue. Even the world dumbest dogs will only allow one to molest him for so long and when that mutt is in a pack he becomes dangerous. One corpse had enough he flew over a burnt out BMW landing on Azrael’s back just under his massive helmet the creature found exposed neck and stripped flesh from it. The Vampire overlord reaches back feeling no pain screaming from blood lust not registering the agony of his skin melting from the Suns hateful kiss. He wretched the dead man from his neck as his kin took arms to battle against this foreign aggressor. In the ensuing melee the dead turned on the vampire monster in their city. Swinging wildly with one powerful arm tipped with blades the opposite arm bore the long razor sharp implement which effortlessly slid though bodies. The Sun now rising above the horizon. Azrael’s flesh began bubbling like a vat of lard still he fought on his right eye caught a glimpse of the sun before it exploded like a ripe tomato. His wings burning shriveling like torched paper. Insane with agony the zombies were tossed about like fleas even as some landed bites of sopping gooey flesh. He beheld with his remaining eye Azrael saw his beloved Ester clad in her white night gown her body as lovely as he could ever remember. Save the lone blemish a gouge bitten from her once flawless left arm. "Es...terr…” through dissolving lips dropping his sword coming to his wife of far to few years kneeling before her humbly. Azrael brushed the dead away no more than pesky flies as the sun claimed dominion over the sky. Azrael seized his wife in his death throws she squirmed in his boiling grasp baring a mouth full of human flesh as she clawed his remaining eye from its deformed socket. He wouldn't get a final glance of the sun but it paled in comparison to Lady Ester’s beauty. Azrael’s last act is to squeeze the life from the fetid corpse of his lost bride as she writhed about in his massive arms. Crushing the life from Ester’s reanimated body and simultaneously his heart. The great Lord of the vampires spun the dead clamored over him and he felt the suns agonizing rays as it ascended into the sky. With an inaudible curse the great beast burst into a plume of fine crystalline charcoal dust sprinkling to the ground exploding in a collage of black fire and lighting all the dead in his immediate vicinity are vaporized. The zombie army is stunned buy the sudden disappearance of their foe. Trevor awoke with a gasp knowing his family’s patriarch was no more he returned to his slumber with a soft whine into the pitch black void around him.

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