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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Union: Chapter Three: A Unionized Bond

Chapter three: A Unionized bond.

Rob kneaded the axe handle in his grasp how could he trust some one, some thing that was only a mere definitions difference from what had pursued him for weeks “undead.“ That which had brought about the eve of mankind’s extinction zombies. "So I guess you fucking expect us to reveal our weaknesses to now you know scream, cry and beg you for mercy!?" Rob let the vampire mull over his answer "or maybe we allow you to kill us!" A chuckle from the angelic looking demon "Robert I have been killing your kind for two hundred years and I am rather proficient at it my friend. If I choose to kill you I would require no help." Robert opened his mouth to speak but Val stifled him with a hand. "So you want us to help you get to your home in San Diego, from Chicago?" Val continued clicking off points "help sustain your family, and protect you in exchange for our guaranteed safety?" Trevor looked towards the east from where his kind’s mortal enemy would arise. "Yes M’ lady and on my life no harm shall ever befall the two of you." Val began to pull Rob back from Trevor Clevantes who grew tired of explaining himself to mortals who really had no choice other than submission. As they stood atop a burning skyscraper filled to capacity with zombies. "Trevor!" called Val from across the roof secretly believing herself and Rob to be out of ear shot of the Vampire. Trevor marveled how little humans knew about his kind which is how they desired it. Vampires could here like a bat from a distance four times that of a human. "How exactly do you guys plan to get this blood from us? Biting us every day?” "No Valerie we would use the same techniques as if you were donating blood at the Red Cross!" Vampires only bite a victim’s neck in order to drain the corpse completely. To change a human to a vampire required a lust mark which was a puncture as close to the victims genitals as possible. With her question answered Val turned to Rob.

"We don't have much of a choice Robert!" She pleaded "No.....no we have survived without that dead leech!" Robert fumed "He saved us and you fucking know it! We don't have wings maybe we can just go along and see..." she responded. Robert stepped into the face of this woman his companion. He still had yet to decide what she was to him other than the only other living human he’d seen in forever. "I see how you look at him those panties you've been wearing over two weeks are soaked for him already!" Val reeled in shock pushing he long hair from her face. Her first reaction pre-zombie invasion would have been to cry, but her first reaction post-zombie invasion. Swift open palmed slap to the smooth black cheek of Robert Berry grabbing his attention. His nostrils flared as he bored holes into the woman whom he’d considered himself to be falling for. Walking the ledge like a circus acrobat Trevor smiled humans and their petty emotions, so easily manipulated. His head snapped to facing the couple his fangs extended from his canines with a hiss. Those manicured nails grew to ten eight inch long razor like daggers from his finger tips. Two steps off the ledge the barefooted nimble vampire leapt into the air diving towards them. Val cried "God no... Trevor!" falling to the ground "Robert lashed out with the axe missing the airborne Prince of the Enoch Clan. Trevor sailed in a long arc over the pairs head landing some ten feet behind them. His body mass more dense than his 190 lbs frame would be if he were a human. He landed atop an undead zombie engineer which had slowly crept up silently behind them into a heap. The zombie was mangled compacted into a pile of meat and bones. Trevor spun fangs bared "Get Back!" voice no longer harmonious, but guttural like a roaring lion speaking English. Rob drug Val back by one arm as a perplexed dead janitor whose face had been chewed off simply stared at Trevor in his wicked battle plumage. The zombie in the blue coveralls appeared to be sizing up Trevor confused was he food or not food. Trevor had heard the dead coming smelled them even sooner which he now recognized the stench of the flesh eaters.

Low and quick stripping off the tattered silk shirt Trevor caught the dead man by the neck of his soiled attire reinforcements appeared at the maintenance roof access a lady in a dress casual business attire minus an arm moved to skirt around the vampire, she was instead snagged by the neck. Holding the dead off the ground one per blade tipped hand was like holding two greased pigs squealing and screaming. A third and fourth zombie appeared Trevor almost as an after though viciously slammed the two he held skull to skull destroying the vile creatures heads he turned to avoid the toxic black blood that spewed from the decimated bodies he dropped. The next living dead came all out for Trevor no hesitation at all. Trevor drove a clawed hand through the wretched things face and out of its cranium scrambled grey matter plopping down on the rooftop. The arrogant young vampire flicked the dead being from his hand as if it were dog hair on a ten thousand dollar suit. Trevor’s battle tactics flowed like a practiced dance routine. Streaking past the last zombie he brutally twists its head off its decayed shoulders in one quick motion. Then in a regal manner the vampire absently tosses it over the edge of the red steel structure Trevor halted his rampage at the stairwell entrance as dozens of corpses clogged the stairs coming up to check on the commotion. Howling a Mc Donald’s worker in her brown and yellow uniform rose up cresting the stairs for her undead trouble Trevor Clevantes punts off her head before slamming the door shut.

Straining using his super human strength he wedged a pole across the door to stave off the onslaught. He's covered in putrid dead matter as the black bat like wings peel from his back unfurling to their impressive full wing span.  Trevor became the supernatural appearance of the Catholics biblical interpretations of Lucifer, but with blonde hair. "Help me please my friends as I have helped you!" Trevor did something no vampire had ever done in recorded lore to a human. "All is forgiven." spoken by the powerful being as he knelt before mere mortals pleading for their assistance. Val looked to Rob his eyes more afraid of dying now than later he knew they really had no choice. "We'll join you in this union as you ask!" blurted the socially inept garbage man. Trevor rose to his feet smiling "Thank you my friends taking up his gifts. The vampire pressed them close stepping off the skyscraper. "I HAVE A MENTOR WHO WILL HELP US TIS ALMOST DAYLIGHT!" Trevor revealed his plan as they flew north towards Lincoln Park of the most prestigious areas in all of the Midwest. When the dead broke through the barricaded door they found nothing human. Their fading fleshed focused minds went right back to being a jumble of past life images.

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