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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Union Chapter Six: A new night A new day

Chapter six: A new night a new day.

Trevor Clevantes like most of his vampire kin could feel in their souls when the sun set and returned the earth to the rule of the regal undead. They also had a vague ancient sense that told them when vampire blood had been spilled. As a result upon his awakening Trevor held a taste in his mouth like tar. In the soft velvet lining of what coffins had become in the twenty first century he spoke softly. "This place has been fouled" the last words from his grandfather Azrael the true head of legions of blood suckers world wide. Ian Clevantes had instructed him to burn the mansion to the ground even though it was built like a fort and could likely keep the dead at bay for years. There was no question weather or not Azrael's wishes would be honored. Besides Trevor wanted to return home to his family, to a father who was smart and savvy. It was he who wove words of silk into a fortune while furthering the vampires hold on the world’s finances. Arthur Clevantes was now the most powerful being on the planet as Azrael’s passing from this world had gifted all of his power to his son. Trevor’s mother was kind, sweet and pure of blood as she was of virtue. So beautiful was Sonya Clevantes that even her own son found it hard not to stare longingly at her when graced with her presence. His younger sister although pampered and spoiled by their father possessed the same skill as her father and the radiant beauty of her mother. Most assuredly she would one day tear men’s hearts asunder in the name of love.

Trevor stepped from the metal vault like coffin. His essence ached to feed, but he feared it was to early to ask his allies. If he took what he craved he knew they would most likely revolt resulting in thier deaths and eventually his. For a vampire death was relative and considered part of the code, but starvation. This was another matter indeed for of his kind Trevor knew of only one thing more painful and agonizing than the Suns touch upon their skin. Starving for a blood dependant vampire meant simply coming to a point where ones body began to dissolve from the inside. As this happened the liquefied tissue was reabsorbed poisoning the hapless victim. While their body slowly dissolved over the course of wretched days and nights. Most any night dweller would openly state the quick death of the "Kiss of the Sun" was preferable than stravation. Trevor dressed in clothes which fit loosely due to his current dietary restrictions plodded down the richly decorated halls of the house. In the room next to the one he'd taken the young vampire hovered at the door. Smelling the air he knew Robert and Valerie were here and asleep. Licking parched lips sensing the red nectar flowing through their veins. His manhood swelled hard and strained against his pants for a vampire feeding was almost sexual. Master Trevor had been without food or a woman’s company for far to long. Sniffing the purified air in the room Valerie’s unwashed scent was easily pulled into his nostrils. His lust went out for her she wanted him and he could all but taste the moisture between her thighs. Now was not the time Robert guarded her like a rabid watch dog. When the wolf could not get at the sheep form the sheppard, he simply convinced the sheep to come to his waiting mouth. He had to satiate one desire or the other, he choose sustenance for now. Swiftly making his way down to the kitchen of the manor Trevor like all vampires bypassed the fridge for what craved was never cold only body temp would do! “98.6 or nothing…” as they used to say the sparsely decorated kitchen was not the focal point of a vampire household as it was with humans. Into a large pantry he followed the hum of the electric warmer embedded with in the large refrigerator like device. It was more akin to the equipment used by doctors to oxygenate and circulate the blood of a patient on the operating table. Once open the fluorescent light cascaded over him the modern marvel before him allowed the vampire lords to store blood for short periods of time. To Trevor the red liquid looked fresh and smelled clean only the best for Lord Azrael the LED on the door read 98.6. Unfortunately he had no way of knowing how old the blood was. If it had begun to separate into plasma the red blood cells in it would be lethal. His lips quivered as his teeth became fangs. His giftedly large cock throbbed he had to have it at any cost!

He closed his eyes grasping the tube pulling it to his mouth cautiously drawing in the fountain of blood. Swallowing slowly the vampire princes mind flooded with past visions of the life lived by the human whose blood he greedily drew in. A man of average means an employee of his grandfathers who allowed himself to be harvested for extra money to support his elderly mother. Trevor Clevantes waited for the agony the searing pain of instant death but it didn't materialize. His blood streaked dagger like canines sunk into the tube opening the valve full throttle he drank deeply. Like a greedy dessert rat dying of thirst when offered a sip of the coldest most natural water on earth. Trevor’s color became more natural more human, his hair a blonde mane of perfection. The massive erection subsiding as his most important need was satisfied. Bringing back the assets he would need most for their journey strength along with the keen senses of a hunter. The flow continued unabated as Trevor released the valve level wide open allowing the thick crimson brew to coat his sculpted chest. That done he tracked blood through the house rivulets of the nectar ran down the side of his mouth as he descended into his deceased grandfathers private rooms in the basement of the large house.

He found himself at the door of the armory of the Elder of his people a being with in whose lifetime had spanned almost the length of human warfare. The winged dead unlike the foul beast who'd overtaken the world held an affinity for bladed weapons guns and bombs were for cowards. He opened the door to a room which stored all manner of killing tools. Breathlessly Trevor Clevatnes was drawn past shields, bows, knives, daggers, and axes of all sorts from every corner of the globe. To a wall coated in ornate swords he saw the one he claimed as his birth right. A two handed broad sword thousands of years old and having tasted more blood than even he had a right to dream. The long polished platinum blade joined to a hilt made of pure silver bat like wings. The long handle ending in a skull surely this sword would purge many an undead foe, for his clan his Elder, and even humanity at this point. Removing the weapon shaking slightly it was heavy for it held the weight of the past and the present of vampire supremacy. Its leather sheath hung near it gently he eased the nameless razor shape sword home until it was snugly in place. He bowed ever so slightly at the empty space on the display and exited the room. As he did plucking a two headed battle axe from a display case. It was small for a vampire especially one of regal heritage but just enough for a human of Roberts stature. "Now Robert Berry you shall fight with honor you unworthy heathen." Twirling the tool he closed the door and began his preparations for their departure.

Val and Robert came to the kitchen to find Trevor in a warrior’s prayer. Hunched over the sword mumbling to himself clean and refreshed "well you look better. Dare we ask how?" Val inquired as young prince Clevantes arose and tossed Robert the axe. "For you my friend it has served one master now it serves you. An honorable man deserves an honorable tool." Robert smirked "what do you have for me?" Val cackled. Trevor gave her a soft smile "Madame nowhere in a vampire dwelling will you find something as barbaric as a simple gun I do apologize." bowing before her. Robert steadied himself as his mind yelled "do it!" wanting so badly to split the skull of the smug creature with whom he fought for Valerie's affections. "We must leave here the night is short and this city belongs to the dead. So soon shall this place in which we stand!" The trio heads for the door to the outside world and the three and a half million flesh eaters of the metropolitan Chicago area.

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