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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chappter Nine: Welcome to the fold

Chapter Nine: Welcome to the fold

The coach driven by its ebony coachmen moved through the darkened city with a purpose. The immediate purpose was the survival of those sealed with in its luxurious interior. Human and vampire alike fought for survival of each species over the new dominate one Homo-Cadaverous. Val tended to the broken right arm of the meek stewardess Li as Trevor their vampire leader had explained to Jim Rivers what he and Li had come into. Jim was flabbergasted but compared with what he'd seen in the last few days, he tossed his cynical beliefs asunder. "Good Lord!" exclaiming Jim steadily moving away from the vampire who sat before him was which seemed impossible. The coach would have to be the size of the Titanic as the handsome young demon cleaned the blood of Jim’s former boss from his chin. "You mean to tell me you people have agree to this idiocy!" glancing to Trevor "no offense!" Trevor bowing his head slight with a deep visible smirk knowing the little man had almost no choice, but to agree as well. "Why would you let yourselves become cattle for this monster?" Jim asked. Val couldn't suppress her anger "look if you want we'll pull over and you can wait on the next fucking bus!" She looked a Li who was either wincing at the pain in her arm or her harsh words. She laid the small Asian American woman across the seats they'd sat on rising to come to Jim's side. "Pick your poison Jimmy!" Val mocked "either you’re cattle for sustenance day in and day out, or steak for dinner tonight?" "First of all my name is Jim not Ji....." Val cut off the pilot he sighed but kept his tongue bound within his mouth.

"We were fucked Jim!" her voice grew louder as she moved instead to the front of the coach placing a hand on Rob as he drove. "Trapped in a building and were it not for our blood letting friend here we would be dead and so would you!" Jim placed his hands over his head as he listened. "He gave us shelter, our first real meal since this shit over ran the world, his word and most importantly a chance!" Val looked at the woeful man. Jim Rivers was never consider a genius but nor was he a fool as he spoke he wasn't interrupted. "And that, I realize is something those things won't give us." Jim put on his best poker face when he addressed Trevor Clevantes directly. "Are you being of honor, will you provide us with protection and all we need if we help you, and what assurances do we have of you allegiance to this union?" Trevor came to his feet standing above the man sitting in front of him “My friend I am indeed a being of honor, and will provide you with all I have to offer and more. My word says to you I will never feed from you without your permission." Trevor's smile was easy and soothing but his powers of persuasion worked better on women and homo-sexual men of which Jim was neither. "Madame Valerie hasn't told you yet of my trepidation and weakness. For soon kind Sir the sun will rise and I will be at your mercy I will seek your protection from the most feared mannered of death to my kin the sun." Jim glanced to Val noticing her lovely features and her sidekick Robert who was intently focused on maneuvering the bus. Instead he moved around Trevor kneeling besides Li whom herself was very attractive in her exotic ways. Jim had always had a slight infatuation with the woman he'd know for about the three years they had worked together. He brushed her black hair from her face "what do you say doll. We have a fighting chance if we sign on. His tones hushed and even now a slight smile wrestled the corners of his mouth into a grin. Li Lee lost in her own thoughts plagued by a weak spirit and inner turmoil as to weather or not living in such a world as they now did was something she desired. "Jim......" she swallowed words barely audible "I don't want to die........I don't want to die alone!" No one save Jim Rivers heard her until she began to weep lightly kissing her forehead Jim placed his head softly against Li's. "Me neither doll......." Jim was over come with new found courage his mind darted to many conclusions the first was to tell Trevor few things.

Holding Li's delicate hand Jim Rivers found himself locking eyes with a creature he knew could tear him limb from limb. "We're in Trevor we'll join you clan and resolve ourselves to being you Happy Meals, but if you ever cross us expect to be crossed back my friend!" Trevor gave Jim a half bow "then Mr. Rivers we have a gentleman's agreement, I most graciously thank you both. Ms. Lee please feel better!" Trevor was pleased with himself most definitely but the sun would soon arise he began to retreat to the coaches rear sealed domicile. "Not so fast Trevor!" Rob called out "we are dangerously low on diesel gonna have to make a pit stop!" Trevor turned on his heals "The sun will be up soon!"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

We interrupt ....

Our regularly scheduled chapter. In honor of the premier of Season Two of The Walking Dead. There will be no Chapter posted for The Union. That we may all enjoy AMC's zombie mayhem done right! Our regualr schedule will continue!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chapter Eight: Dead Stop

Chapter Eight: Dead Stop

Three unlikely allies set out from the fringes of Lake Michigan to cross the devastated city which once was Chicago. Once the third largest city in the nation the Windy City was now the third largest concentration of ravenous zombies in the nation. Robert Berry former garbage man steered the cumbersome mobile palace through the wreck strewn streets. Occasionally nudging a smaller obstacles out of their path all the while zombies were drawn to the coach a massive white beaming transport for the living a gigantic ice cream truck for the living dead. "Pretty soon there'll be to many to simply crush under!" he plotted to himself. "Gotta get to the north side further west where the road opens up that way I can floor this bitch." The zombies howled and wailed even as their kin were rolled under the vehicle they continued to beat and hammer at the fuselage. The white shine replaced with caked on gore from thousands of hands. That had attempted to force their way into the coach while shredding flesh and shattering bone against the bus in an effort to taste its occupants. Valerie sat hands over here ears to block the ungodly snarls from outside. Trevor Clevantes vampire prince sat as usual with a calm dignified demeanor as if her were on vacation. Were his blood not black it would assuredly have be blue the type of aristocrats and royalty.

Trevor moved in a whisper to Val’s side even disheveled wearing no make up he was stunned at her natural beauties glow under the dim cabin lights. Trevor surmised as he wrapped an arm around her. "Relax M' Lady the coach is sealed like a tank you'll be fine I am here remember." easily passing the useless false hope of protection and wealth to Valerie in the midst of the apocalypse. She smiled "what now?" gazing across her breast. “We drive until Robert says we require fuel" slight pressure in his hug she blushed "Then I will slip out and refuel us once Robert shows me how!" smirking at the idea of physical labor. Rob glanced down the rear of the cabin. He took time testing his options; he wanted to say "fuck you learn yourself." He held the sarcasm at bay for his own sake. It was tough going steering the beached whale through tight darkened city streets add that to the teaming masses of undead. Every move the bus made, every sound drew in legions of zombies from every direction. "Finally!" exclaimed Rob turning the coach onto Mannheim road. "What is it Robert" Trevor came forward leaning in. "Oh nooo…” Rob coughed out "don't let me interrupt you two!" Rolling his eyes "it seems in the rush to get out of the city no one went towards the airport!" Trevor leaned in to gaze out of the port hole in the front shutter. "Why there are no cars or anything at all!" "Exactly!" said Rob perturbed and jealous. "Well my friend we best make time!" the horses in the dishwasher sized engine under hood yearned to break free. Gunning the diesel powered motor. The dead were pelted back by the speeding busses impact. "Wooo Yeah!" he gave the horn a slap the device blared aloud. Trevor took his seat and the coach bolted for distance and yet regardless of their progress no one could rest. They were now running parallel to the airport only Robert saw the destruction wrought by the dead in the city of broad shoulders. Airplanes lay smoldering or twisted some crashed with dead pilots at the helm others purposefully kamikaze into the tarmac rather than fight with walking corpses. Two Terminals burned out of control as if they were burning beacons in the night.

“Isn't this where it all started here at the airport?" He shouted to be heard. "Yes!" Val sat with her arms folded she could feel the chaos outside. Passing a small gate which led towards the runways he observed a woeful scene an airport van flipping over as it headed out in advance of a regimen of the undead quickly three survivors emerged from the wreckage hobbling towards the road the dead in full glory pursing them for their flesh. Robert flung the coach upon the curb. "Hold on to something" the gate was mowed under as he rode onto the smooth tarmac. The survivors came as best they could. Robert beat the horn yet again this time with a purpose. "Just keep moving!" he mouthed the coach bouncing heavily "We have some humans left out there!" Robert maneuvered the massive mobile home with no effort in the wide open space he came around the three a woman and two men the crew of a small commuter airline. Bruised and battered sporting filthy MidWest Air uniforms the humans moved with a purpose. The tires grabbed asphalt as the bus slid to a halt providing a barrier between the living and the dead. Trevor swung himself to the door of the camper as Robert opened it! "GET IN!" waving the limping people aboard. No time to waist the vampire snatched the exhausted survivors aboard. Robert sealed the door in advance of the horde. "Than....k you!!" a slim man in a tan dirty uniform with MWA stitched upon it in red stuttered his grey and black hair matted with sweat under his cap. He held a frail looking Asian American stewardess sporting a dislocated arm. Zombies beset the unmoving coach in addition to the same female version of the first mans uniform. "I am Jim Rivers this is Li Lee, and that is our fearless Captain Steven Nash." The Captain used to having a crew at his command sporting broad shoulders and a bald head built like a football player was in Roberts face. "Move this thing man!" he ordered "I can't stopped to fast. Trying to save your asses! It won't move until the air pressure builds back up in the shocks!" Nash looked down upon Robert Berry. "Bullshit!" he made to snatch Rob from his appointed seat and they exchanged blows. Trevor seized the taller Captain "My dear fellow show some manners!" He was curt and tense "this is my vehicle and my friend here is driving it very well I might add!" The bus began to rock slowly but then it became more pronounced. "If they flip us were dead!” The Captain swung hard knocking an unsuspecting Trevor to the floor.

No human had dared ever embarrass the prince his anger exploded outward. He came to his feet in the blink of an eye pinning the larger man to the front of the coach with a hand to his throat. "We do this my way you go where I say without question!" the seething immortal continued "Should you ever get the ur...." The young Lord Clevantes was silenced mid sentence by a useless knee to the groin combined with a solid elbow to the jaw. Trevor held tight fingernails elongating into talons digging in to his victim’s neck. He flared his wings in the cramped bus reversing the struggling man. Pushing him back down the wide isle Trevor swooped out of the coaches roof hatch Captain in tow he rose above the onslaught of zombies. The missing dead from the airport had been found they were of course pursuing the last of the living. Where none had stood before hundreds were now amassed below. Dignity be damned as the Captain saw his fate being pulled towards an open vampire’s maw razor sharp fangs extending down. His bowels released and yet it was the least of his concerns. Trevor clamped down on his throat as the dead stretched for them some even managed to hop on their decaying legs all in vain to reach the pair that hovered feet above them. Trevor plunged his fangs deep into Steve’s exposed neck. He pierced a thick throbbing artery which literally pumped blood down his throat in gushes. Trevor couldn’t swallow fast enough as the blood poured from around his lips. The blood flowed as the man spasms going limp in the vampire’s grasp the dead below receiving a generous coating which drives them insane with glee. Moving easily on wings brimming with strength Trevor lured the zombies away from the bus. Leaving enough sweet nectar for a few moments of life to be spent reflecting on many mistakes the vampire flung Steve over his shoulder like a candy wrapper he never looked back. Capitan Steven Nash landed adding insult breaking most of the bones in his body amid the ghouls. He was ravaged and stripped of tissue and flesh while still living. The dead fought over his innards providing wiggle room for the bus. Once aboard coated down his front with type O blood courtesy of the missing Captain. "Anybody else has the desire to test my rules?" staring at the new feed. Jim Rivers tumbled back stunned and shocked into silence submitting with a "no" head nod. He dropped his co-worker Li Lee who had fainted dead away. "Robert while we have a distraction please!" Trevor spoke never batting an eye to Jim showing his dominance much like any animal would have. The bus came to life easily enough. Rob swallowed hard "what the fuck have we gotten into?" he whispered. He was disgusted "Man a lil tact with that shit would be nice!" Shaking his head he pulled the bus back onto the road. Which the dead now littered having finished Captain Nash they were free to again harass the living. Intentionally Rob his black skin wet with sweat weaved the bus to rundown the putrid soldiers of deaths army purposely. "Whhh....as going on hhhere?" Jim croaked out as they gained speed. Trevor strips off his shirt exposing his well toned hairless chest. Using the ragged shirt to wipe the blood from his chest and face he sighs. Never taking his eyes from Jim Rivers he responds “life” before disappearing into the coach’s rear.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Union: Chapter Seven: Cleansing purge

Chapter seven: Cleansing purge

Val and Rob stood dumbfounded in the attached car port to the magnificent house. Standing before them Trevor Clevantes heir to a vast fortune and the throne of the vampire kingdom. He presents their transportation for the evening in his usual smug "you mean you don't have one of these!" manner. Glistening in the light an eggshell white motor coach like a rock stars tour bus. Rob salivates he knew no one but he would be able to drive the beast even before Trevor mentioned it. "Robert I am afraid you will be our driver this night." Trevor in fresh clothes sword slung over his back "as I have never learned to nor had a desire to drive in my life." Rob snorted this thing cost over two hundred grand easy. He could have worked for years at his civil servants wages and never been able to afford it. "No problem there blood sucker!" the black man remarked. Instinctively like a coke addict Trevor Clevantes checks the corners of his mouth for telltale signs of his indulgence of blood earlier. Val’s pretty face wrinkled at Robs words; she couldn't understand why Rob consistently had to be so difficult. The reason was clear to her it was because of her perceived affections. No matter the color, race or even species when two men vied for the affections of one woman there were no prisoners taken by either side. Rob bounded up the lushly carpeted steps of the bus it had been obviously modified or the technical term "customized" for a sun fearing vampire’s lifestyle. Rob noticed it had already been stocked with water and some meager rations of food. No doubt Trevor had done this as they slept. The windows of the vehicle could all be covered with thick sealed shutters for keeping the sun at bay for the on the go vampire. Rob didn't care because he knew it would also keep the living dead at bay. A smaller casket like fixture dominated the rear of the deep cabin. "We have but one last thing to do before we depart" announced the young prince. "Robert if you would pull the coach to the main gate and lock all the shutters to await my arrival." Rob still looking the bus over "say check this out Tre." As Robert had begun insultingly referring to the wealthy creature of the night. "The sooner you realize that we don't work for you the better!" Rob smirked. "Fine" the vampire gritted his teeth "please!" he forced out. "Alright away we go!" gleefully Rob fired up their chariot "all aboard!" With that Valerie stepped up as Trevor disappeared back into the house. "Do you have to be such an asshole to him Rob?" she asked as he depressed the garage door opener. "Look your boyfriend needs to be made aware that we aren't his property!" Rob looked Val up and down "well at least no both of us." Val gave her partner a hateful "you can be such an ass!" glare. With that he turned away from her as she went to find a seat. Robert brought the diesel luxury coach to a halt just outside the compounds main gate as ordered. With one button the shutters softly rolled into place latching shut.

Trevor seethed as he went about his work. "How dare that pathetic mortal talk to me in such a manner!" he fumed. "I'll just have to show you again and again until you respect me." The vampire spoke into the darkness as he doused the mansion with gasoline. He moved with supernatural speed from room to room saturating the dwelling in half the time it would take a human. Making sure that the house would burn flat and erase any evidence of its lord should future generations come looking. In less than half an hour he was done he stared longing for days past when this was a revered part of vampire society. Now came the tricky part for vampire’s feared fire as much as the festering living corpses did. He formulated a devious plan for he would exact revenge on living and dead alike. Trevor manufactured a torch from the curtains and a five thousand dollar Persian rug wrapped around a table leg. Completely soaking the material which would become the torches wick, he finished he ordained task. Trevor placed the implement on the ground near the rear gate across the way from the idling bus. Taking flight on his young wings feeling strong once more Trevor Clevantes could see the dead they numbered in the hundreds hammering at the gates. There could be thousands he mused and still they couldn't breech the gates of the compound. They pawed skyward for him although not as frenzied as they would for a true living being. He saw the huge bladed weapon of his Lord Azrael a pang of heart ache crossed him then it was gone. The sword would stay where it fell in battle he decided. The gasoline vapors hung heavy about the property as he rode warm air currents dropping in on top of the mobile fortress. He startled Rob and Val who had her weapon pointed up as he spoke into the open hatch. "Tis I my friends" he swung down to the floor leaving the hatch open. "Robert perhaps you could help me sir?" Trevor inquired "Suuuure!" Rob sarcastically drew out.

Rob with his back to the dead prince never finished with his grand "fuck off!" Trevor seized him by his collar hefting him up and knocking the axe to the floor of the coach. "Trevor please don't hurt him!" Val protested wringing her hands together. They didn't hear her plea Trevor had taken flight back out the hatch with Rob. As they went Rob made numerous attempts to slug the vampire in his beautiful face. Trevor easily shrugged off the blows and slowly came to a hover black wings slapping the air only a few feet above the dead. "Ask yourself my friend!" Trevor informed the garbage man who looked down in horror "do you really want me to let you go?" The zombies below wailed and moaned climbing and stampeding atop one another to claw at the human meat being dangled above them. "NO! No!" Rob shouted panicked “Now this Trevor” thought wicked grin creasing the sides of his mouth pearl white fangs just visible over his lips. “Is the way you should treat me” Robert saw his smile and knew it didn’t bode well for him. "Here's the plan my dear man!" The young vampire bearing his fangs total length in a gesture of dominance meant to strike fear into his victim. "Are you listening Robert because you life depends on it?" Rob shaking his head in a vigorous affirmation "You grab that torch run though the house light it and set the place to burn taking as many of these diseased rats down as you can. Make it though the backdoor and I will carry you to the bus and we shall flee together." Pulling Rob close with little effort "Run for the bus and not the house and I will cast you aloft and drop you amongst them understand?" Unfortunately for Rob he did understand his big ass mouth had gotten his big ass in some serious shit. Trevor places Rob down by the torch ten feet from the gate. Rob grabs the torch as Trevor lands in front of the gate. Exhaling deeply Trevor grasps the front wrought iron fence applying all his might. The vampire begins to strain at the thick electronic gates which give way with metal snapping "plincks". The weight of the mass of zombies pushes inwards Trevor takes flight just above the surging undead legion. "GO!" Clevantes shouts with arrogance as he climbs into the night sky.

One zombie sees Rob and soon hundreds are alerted to his presence. Momentarily he is frozen until the total horror is revealed faces of the dead come bounding for him arms out stretched putrid mouths agape. Rob bolts for the house ahead of the onslaught. "OH GOD!" he cries as he pats himself looking desperately for his lighter. Vaulting up the stairs Robert plunges into the house. The undead prince nice enough to leave the door ajar for him to escape through. Breathe coming in gasps his balls having receded into his abdomen now becoming ovaries. He possessed not the courage to look behind him for a horde of ghouls’ chases him as if he were the fifth Beatle. Grasping his lighter striking it to flame on the run was as difficult as one might think it to be. Finally his heart beat again as the ragged material burst into flames. Weaving thought the house he touched it to anything that was in his path leaving fire in his wake as if he could run fast enough to set things ablaze himself. The fire roared behind him and yet still the dead came on drowning out the crackling flames.
Soon the fire hungry for more to consume traced its way along a flammable trails through out the entire house and onto the compound grounds setting trees and shrubs afire. Rob noticed the flames had also leapt ahead of him and that he chased them as the dead chased him. Burning flames ate at the house incinerating the dead. Rob’s lungs burn in his chest threatening to seize up and cease to functioning his lack of physical activity. Ahead of him lay the rear exit mercifully open a full view of the calm lake out of the backdoor, but no Trevor. Coughing he crested the doorway sweating chest heaving scanning around for his ride. Hearing the dead surge he ran on for the safety of the coach. Zombies the ones first in emerged after him hungry and on fire in front of him the property now teamed with activity from the fetid masses. They all had eyes for him in the distance they beat at the bus. Rob began to cry he was facing death and he was alone.

Floating silently above the weeping man Trevor was pleased with the results. Swooping down snatching Rob as the living dead surrounded him encroaching for the kill. Robert Berry gasped as he was taken up wiping tears away "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" The enraged human screamed in the face of the immortal. "I suggest we call a truce Sir, or shall I sit you back down amongst your fan club?" Robert said nothing, but he thought of revenge "Val needs us." Robert utters through clinched teeth. Over the mayhem they hover and come down on the bus roof top safely twenty feet removed form the ground its engine revving. Trevor drops Rob through the hatch then slides in and closes it. The dead beat at the vehicle rocking the bus on its massive shocks. Moving quickly Robs yanks Val from the coachmen’s seat "excuse me!" Trevor depresses a button on the visor of the bus and the front gate whips open. Through a slot in the window Rob see the dead litter his way, but no roadblocks. He guns the bus and gradually it gains speed crushing the dead under it weight. Behind them the manor of the once powerful vampire godfather is ragging inferno lighting up the night sky. Hundreds of zombies meet their end engulfed in flames this night. Thousands more are attracted to the spectacle. Humans and vampire alike flee. All silent all lost in thought one of home, one of survival, and one of vengeance.