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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Part 2 "The Commanders Apocalyptic Listing of Living Survivors" Types 6 -10.

6. The Badass Survivor - This muscle bound "Alpha Male" type of survivor is beneficial up to a point. He’s a blunt object used to beat things into submission. As a leader you must lead and fight switching between “Politician and General” with ease. Like every “General” you will need well trained, loyal and eager “Soldiers.” He will be a human weapon but he will also lacks discipline. Unlike an inanimate weapon a living weapon is prone to break downs due to this lack of discipline. “The Badass Survivor” is a broadsword not a scalpel and like any other weapon he has to be kept in check and focused. Same as an unloaded gun its best to keep him pointed "down range" because he is apt to go off with an unprovoked "bang" at any time. This guy is always ready for a fight and sleeps with a loaded weapon (he did this long before the zombies made a mess of things). When the time comes for a fight this guy doesn't back down and he doesn't lose often but he won't back down or admit the odds aren't in his favor. Now you know why a guy with such traits isn’t a leader. It’s because he has chosen a lifetime of exercising and working out. He builds all the muscle of his body to their maximum except the ones that count his heart and his mind. This type of survivor is an asset to have the more the better but he will test your leadership skill as playing nice with others isn't something he's been able to do since he slid from the womb. There is the rare “Badass Survivor” who is a well honed blend of mind and muscle. Keep you eyes open he’s like finding a diamond in an living dead world.

7. The Overly Analytical Survivor - This Survivor was probably an accountant or IRS auditor before things went to shit and zombies ran amok. This person will make a list and over complicate any situation. In the Zombie Apocalypse this could be extremely dangerous or even fatal but when used in moderation. This survivor type can take care of the burden of food stockpiling, ammo rationing and other important task while you focus on survival and escape plans. Make sure you can trust this individual though before you go handing them the keys to the kingdom. Because as adapt as they are at making list and organizing they are probably equally skilled at the fine art of deception. Using a shell game of numbers to benefit themselves before cutting out with what you have fought to stockpile. Don’t get fooled yourself because your followers. Are actually only following you for your shelter, food and protection. That being said they will follow whoever can provide them with these things. When the dead walk “Living Survivors” loyalty will be fleeting as the concepts of peace and quiet, but you will be left to discern who’s with you and whose using you. However when used correctly every outpost will need several of these Survivor Types but remember they are not for Battle or Escape Planning as they will over complicate the shit out of things.

8. The Hoarder Survivor - Now popularized by reality TV but in your group this “Survivor Type” is not someone who is pity inducing or laughably mentally ill. This “Survivor Type” is greedy and selfish but they are also in most instances sly and coy. They're playing a game with you and your group taking a bullet here and a few cans of food there. Nothing serious if you have you "Overly Analytical Type" to watch you stockpile. The "Hoarder Survivor" also will likely draw the ire of you "Badass Survivor Types." Who will likely kill the "hoarder" the first chance they get. When you recognize the "Hoarder Type" in your midst they must be dealt with immediately and decisively. No other "Survivor Type" will cause a fracture in you happy compound faster. They can not be changed period for some people the compulsive behavior that breeds “Hoarding.” Also causes “The Hoarder Survivor” to show no concern for themselves or others. They’re dealing with a crippling “Mental Illness” that drives their actions. The "Hoarder Type" will be the first to abandon your and your group cutting out the back door at the first sign of trouble. They will grab useless items before fleeing or even warning anyone else. I'd also like to point out that the nature of this person is as such that they probably won't lock the door when they leave. There by jeopardizing everyone and everything you've worked so hard to compile. Here’s the trick if you can focus this person “compulsions” and use them to your advantage. Even your list loving “Overly Analytical Survivor Type” can’t compete with the “Hoarder Survivor.” You will have at your disposal a person who without a list can pinpoint an item within seconds in what looks a chaotic junk pile. A skill than can come in handy when seconds count. This "Survivor Type" must be dealt with but you don't have to kill them. Either kick them out but with provisions to survive or have someone to police them day and night.

9. The Scardy Cat Survivor - This "Survivor Type" unlike everyone else isn’t just scared they are literally paralyzed with fear. We’ve all heard the phrase “they had the shit scared out of them!” Well now you’ve met just such a person. Unlike the "Catatonic Survivor Type" this "Scardy Cat" babbles instead of talks and genuinely creeps every else out. They aren’t quite and will give away your position. This “Survivor Type” is prone to fits of rage or vocal outburst. Which given you current state isn’t good because if you attract one zombie you will eventually attract hundreds. Meanwhile they’re consuming valuable supplies and taking up space. They can't be counted on for anything and are literally fucking useless. You risk the lives of others by giving the "Scardy Cat" any responsibility or including them on any missions. They tell you what they can't do or won't do and while we aren't condemning anyone for being scared. They need to pitch in or be pitched the fuck out! You would think someone who wasn’t contribution would try and slink off and not be noticed or simply stay out of the way. Not “The Scardy Cat Survivor” they make demands and also feel that they should be included in on ever decision. When they do so the “Scardy Cat” will test your patience and challenge your right to lead the group. All the while this coward will tell everyone what they shouldn’t be responsible for. This "Survivor Type" is utterly useless and will test your moral compass during the Apocalypse. For while they aren't bad people there's already enough "dead" weight in the world you will have to bear. To paraphrase "Red" from The Shawshank Redemption "Get busy living or get busy dying."

10. The Hero Type - This "Hero Type" is the leader and everyone looks to them for support and the pressure is heavy. Only the "Hero Type" is equipped to bear the burden of erasing everyone's short comings. This "Survivor Type" makes those around them better and brings out character traits most people didn't know they possessed. A “Hero Type” will draw their strength from internal motivations and courage. They have no predetermined size, shape, race, religion, or gender. With this “Survivor Type” looks can be deceiving. There are only a few "True Hero Types" in this world and even fewer will survive as they are prone to helping others and refuse to leave "anyone" behind. A "True Hero" will help every one of the other twenty five “Survivor Types” as well as any of the other types yet to mention of which there are dozens more. In life people were drawn to this "Survivor Type" he or she is the type of person that when they speak everyone around will in generally listen. They command respect by actions and virtue. The "Hero Types" biggest down fall is looking for the best in other and selflessly giving of them. More than one “Hero Type” will be drug down to their demise by the living dead as someone they helped survive or have saved from death watches from a hiding place. This "Survivor Type" is your "Knight in Shining Armor" and should be your most prized assets. They will help above all others and are honest and can be taken at face value. They should be watched though for signs of pressure, stress and doubt. For their self confidence can be the difference between the survival of the entire group and its demise at the hands of the undead. The key to remember about the “Hero Type” is they will never ever tell you that they are a “Hero.” The true burden of leadership is never asked for it’s inherited. This should be you as a leader!

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