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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10 Things you never knew about survivors of a zombie apocalypse

10. Believe it or not people still have to go to the bathroom. Although no one ever mentions it.

9. Most people who think they'd survive a zombie apocalypse are so over confident. They usually die within the first 15 mins of the outbreak.

8. The vast majority of parents forget to include their own children in their survival plans. This is known as "TCAE" or "The Casey Anthony Effect."

7. After the Apocalypse "Fast Food" refers to people.

6. Survivors don't randomly have sex with each other. As fear of being eaten alive and an extreme lack of personal hygiene. Will just kill the mood in general.

5.During and after the apocalypse the primary reason humanity will go extinct is humans. For example people in a position of authority cops and especially military personnel become extremely untrustworthy. They actually become the enemy!

4. There is no logic to it but in a zombie apocalypse people who society considers abnormal and outsiders. Will out live everyone else.

3. People who are loud and obnoxious will die first. As they will draw tons of attention to themselves. On a side note not all of their deaths will be caused by zombies. Annoying bastards.

2. There will be thousands of people who are suicidal. Find a couple to hang with you and your party. You never know when a sacrificial lamb will be needed! Dont let a perfectly good suicide go to waste.

1. Trying anythin you've ever seen in a movie will get your dumbass killed. Why you dont have a stuntman, do overs and the zombies arent actors playing zombies. They are zombies playing eat the helmet running through the mall screaming.

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