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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas in The Luckett Compound

Twas the night before Christmas and all through The Luckett Compound not a creature was stirring nor to be found. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care when Jorge and Jaden heard a noise and came down to see who was there. "It must be Santa Clause that jolly old elf" said Jorge "hurry up Jaden let's and go see for ourself!" The kids came down with a leap and a jump down to the livingroom where they heard a great bump. They spun around in shock and awe both  overwhelmed and amazed at what they saw. All around smashing in windows and crashing in the front door zombies, zombies and zombies galore. The Luckett children stood in silence with chills afraid to move a muscle they huddled perfectly still. They both secretly wished they'd stayed in bed but now they were trapped and facing the undead. With bodies broken and torn asunder how these vile zombies could move was more than a wonder. From the top of the stairs came dad, mom and Kyle with all types of racket and clatter. Called dad "What's going on down here and you two had better not scatter!" Jaden chimed in "we're being attacked by Zombies that's whats the matter!" The Lucketts came together in the center of the room backing down to an empty fireplace fearing their doom. Zombies to the left and zombies to the right spoke Kyle "I cant believe we're being attacked by zombies on Christmas night!" Lorraine looked longingly at her husband her mate he must know something to save the family this fate. "Honey!" She cried "before it's to late you must know something we can not wait! You're a zombie expert your knowledge on this subject is abundant like wealth!" He looked to his wife "baby I'm so scared I'm about to shit on myself!" From above on the rooftop came a bang that made them all stop. There was movement on the roof from somewhere up top . Down the chimney came a red sack bursting at the seems filled with loot. Then came two legs and two feet each covered with a big black boot. The Lucketts smiled with glee then a pause it was their favorite Compound member none other than Santa Clause! "Merry Christmas Lucketts I've returned like a prodigal son!" Santa knelt down before the children "are you ready to have fun?" Then from his jolly red sack he produced a shotgun. "I've come here with cheer and presents to give stand behind me if you want to live!" The Lucketts stood there with looks of utter shock as Santa Clause stood and gave his shotgun a cock. On his rosey red face was a wiry grin it was time to the shooting begin. St. Nick knew the trick was to be oh so quick when sending the living dead dack to hell his belly shook with each powerful shell. With each massive golved mit he continued squeezing the trigger as fast as he could pull it. It was so clear even from the start as Santa blew zombie after zombie apart. That he was oh so skilled at delivering good will and knocking zombies down for the kill. Santa was a blur who moved with a streak decapitating any corpse within his reach. Finally the room stood quiet in a hush as Santa stood slient slightly winded from his bloodlust. With not a zombie left in the Lucketts humble abode Santa Clause took this time to reload. All about the room danced gunsmoke thick arcid and white as Santa said "Im gonna kill all these motherfuckers tonight! I love to spread peace and joy to every nation but I truly dispise those undead abominations. Mr. Luckett up to the broken windows you must put boards. For I fear We've not seen the last of this zombie horde." Under tree he tossed gifts before grabbing his bag for a quick lift he disappeared up the chimney quite swift. To his sleigh for a seat with nine prancing reindeer so awesome and neat. In a flash they were off and before he disappeared from sight. He cried "Merry Christmas to all and aim for the head if you want survive the night!" Jamal Lucketts mind was clouded with mist "when I get to work tomorrow they'll never believe this shit!"
Merry Christmas From The Lucketts

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Come one come all!

So Long, and Thanks for All the Brains

Included here in this jam packed Anthology is a tragic yet beautiful story I wrote named "Dry Rot." Its set in Americas infancy against a back drop of love and a Lepor Colony. All based on an idea given to me by my lovely wife!

Yeah try and piece that together!

Coming soon in print and other eformats.

10 Things you never knew about survivors of a zombie apocalypse

10. Believe it or not people still have to go to the bathroom. Although no one ever mentions it.

9. Most people who think they'd survive a zombie apocalypse are so over confident. They usually die within the first 15 mins of the outbreak.

8. The vast majority of parents forget to include their own children in their survival plans. This is known as "TCAE" or "The Casey Anthony Effect."

7. After the Apocalypse "Fast Food" refers to people.

6. Survivors don't randomly have sex with each other. As fear of being eaten alive and an extreme lack of personal hygiene. Will just kill the mood in general.

5.During and after the apocalypse the primary reason humanity will go extinct is humans. For example people in a position of authority cops and especially military personnel become extremely untrustworthy. They actually become the enemy!

4. There is no logic to it but in a zombie apocalypse people who society considers abnormal and outsiders. Will out live everyone else.

3. People who are loud and obnoxious will die first. As they will draw tons of attention to themselves. On a side note not all of their deaths will be caused by zombies. Annoying bastards.

2. There will be thousands of people who are suicidal. Find a couple to hang with you and your party. You never know when a sacrificial lamb will be needed! Dont let a perfectly good suicide go to waste.

1. Trying anythin you've ever seen in a movie will get your dumbass killed. Why you dont have a stuntman, do overs and the zombies arent actors playing zombies. They are zombies playing eat the helmet running through the mall screaming.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

10 things you never knew about zombies

10. Zombies have no problem with the rampant obesity or fat people. If I'm not mistaken they prefer us that way.

9. Zombies don't care about race, religion, politics or gender. They want us all to be one of them anyway.

8. Zombies who eat lawyers have been known to get sick to their stomach.

7. Zombies main source of food is stupid people. They like to catch people who are "tweeting."

6. Zombies secretly laugh at werewolves because they have fleas. Plus the crap in the woods and don't wipe.

5. Zombies like people who yell and make noise. Zombies are quiet you should be too.

4. Zombies always poop in their clothes and walk around in their own filth. They don't believe in personal hygiene. They stink!

3. Zombies don't plan things they hate plans. They believe no one should have plans for survival.

2. Zombies are like the IRS they never give up! They hound you come to your door and want more than their fair share.

1. Zombies hate vampires. They feel that vampires are self righteous emo punks. They laugh when vampires get all glittery!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chapter Ten: By Dawns Early Light

Chapter 10: By dawns early light

Robert was slightly amused at Trevor's fear of sunlight. "For a creature who appears to be immortal he sure as hell has a fear of death." Robert thought to himself knowing that as a human you a raised to know that death can manifest itself in many forms and that tomorrow is promised to no man. He couldn't fathom what it would be like to live life everyday afraid of death. "Why didn't you inform me sooner Robert?" Trevor's words came as he raced forth. "Well you lordship I was as enthralled by the soap opera like drama as everyone else!" Robert was defensive his knuckles tensed on the wheel of the massive bus. "We have been driving all night and your mobile home here came with only a half tank of gas!" Trevor cast a gaze deep into the cocoa colored eyes of the garbage man, he wanted to gage his intentions. Robert simply stared back "well I was kindda hung up when we left if you remember Trevor!" No doubt this was some petty human attempt at a little revenge Trevor guessed.

Not knowing if Robert understood that all of their survival was dependent on them working as one, but Trevor also knew he too had accept that fact yet himself. He felt humans were now and would always be beneath him! "Well dear fellow if you require my assistance you will have to move quickly." The crew scrambled to come up with a plan since hitting the open roads outside of the great city of the dead and dying Chicago very few corpses had been observed in mass concentrations, but that was strictly due to the fact they were crossing sparsely populated farm country. Robert felt his edge slipping as he observed the road sign "Effingham 1 mile" The coach would make it fine on what was left but the city of Effingham, Illinois was nothing more than a series of densely packed truck stops. Here is where hundreds of truckers stopped as they traversed the Midwest getting anything they desired from Diesel to companionship and a bite to eat at a local McDonald's. Robert moved up the ramp with the once white beast and decided to drive through town to the farthest gas station taking a chance he could help them avoid as much undead company as possible.
"Rob what are we going to do?" Val inquired cautiously of the man she'd begun to develop a serious attraction to. "I'm thinking Val hopefully we can be quick about it.” He felt her hand tremble upon his shoulder, so he placed his large calloused paw on her slim hand for comfort. "Jim....Trevor!" Rob summoned them each as he bounded to the front of the bus. Robert looked to Trevor first "can you fly ahead there is a Hupcup Gas Station about a mile up. Scout the lay of the land and kill anything there before our arrival!" Trevor answered "yes!" deftly removing a silk shirt as his bare chest heaved. The winged creature of folklore and legend seized his sword and left the humans in the coach via the roof hatch. "Jim you'll pump and I'll watch you back!" Jim was more than ready to prove his geeky merits to Li Lee. "Val sit in the driver’s seat with the engine going and door sealed OK!" she gave him a look of sheer confusion. "But I..." her protests stifled by Rob, "but my ass Val one hand on the door handle one foot on the brake. Any problems gas it Trevor will take care of you two!" Val wasn't having the heroics thing befuddle her plans now was the time. "I don't want Trevor to take care of me." She let the tears well up in her eyes "that’s your job Robert." He finally had no words or smug comments to save him he had to be serious with her. "I'll be fine Valerie I swear, I swear I'll watch over you." He was face to face with her as she leaned into hi gently kissing his rough lips. Rob felt a charge invigorate his senses the way a young boy fells after his first kiss like someone had place a bolt of lighting in his belly.

On a mission to save his kind and protect his charges the vampire prince Trevor Clevantes could not recall a time in his life when he'd been out and exposed so close to the wicked one's appearance in the sky. He kept a leery eye focused on the eastern edge of the world this is where the wicked one perched it's self in order to make ready the transition from day to night. He flew out ahead of the bus passing high above scattered numbers of the living dead. The air was still cool as his leathery wing propelled him on sword clasped in one hand blond hair trailing him whipped by the wind. He saw the dim sign its white lettering blinking off and on the "Hupcup Gas" sign jutting into the air and in the station a half dozen reanimated flesh seekers. To the east flying high over the city of Effingham Trevor saw the coach in the distance it would come thought the city's meager downtown, and exit via the west which was open road and nothing more. The winged figure went into a dive live a falcon having spotted its exposed prey the sword trailed him by his side. Like the angle of death he beset the dead in the immediate vicinity.

The first corpse that of a male dressed in an attendants uniform was slice in two from the waist up it right and left half's falling apart for eternity. Coming to rest atop a car hood Trevor moved with a sense of urgency through the dead ranks. The vile things came closer drawn by his life confused by his appearance to them as neither kin nor food. With an arching swath from his perch he decapitated two monstrosities fell unmoving to the pavement. Trevor bared his claws posturing up to his full height resembling a biblical demon a fetid hand reached for him and was torn from its socket. Driving his razor tipped nails into the zombie’s brain Trevor's sword lashed out into the face of nurse whose nose had been bitten off. Both fell dead by a vampire’s hand. Trevor felt the earth shake as the bus came seeing the pumps blocked by driverless vehicles. The owners of the abandoned cars all of whom were undoubtedly now among the walking undead. Cervantes jabs his weapon into the concrete where the weapon stands throwing himself behind the nearest vehicle and pushes. The battered full sized sedan rolls back under the superhuman strength of the young vampire. He hears a hiss whirling to catch a zombie to close for his taste with a right hook he smashes the new comers skull "Filthy creature!" he utters with obvious disdain.

A van turned sideways wedged in by two cars proves to be more of a challenge. Trevor begins to surge forward applying enough force that the vans side crumples inward. Palm sized indentations pressing in. Trevor’s inner beast takes hold driven by the fear of the wretched one. His feet jam into the cement fracturing the old weathered concrete as claws burst forth from the vampire’s feet. Trevor growls aloud as his muscles are fed pure fear driven adrenaline. His mass increases two fold the creature heaves its weight into the cargo van. Repositioning itself like a forklift as his arms lengthened underneath the vehicle the ungodly beast flips the van easily onto its roof. Unseen by the arrogant vampire animal a corpse leaps through the damaged vans rear door in a blur of pure reaction the flying putrid postman is caught in mid air and swung with bone snapping force into an advancing trio of zombies. The decimated bodies are propelled outward like a bomb blast. He releases the Postman and its corpse flies into the side of a building on the other side of Effingham’s Main Street. Trevor’s body resets itself quickly shrinking back to normal momentarily disorientating the young prince. Trevor waves the coach in suddenly observing the light cresting the horizon in terror thicker than he's ever know Trevor Cervantes snatches his grand father’s sword from the earth which holds it and vaults into the still moving bus. "IS EVERYTHING SEALED!" he screams moving through the coach. Robert is pleased to see the fear in the eyes of the great and mighty all powerful Lord Trevor. "I am afraid you'll have to go this round without my assistance Robert!" Trevor extends a hand it’s cover with zombie gore, but that’s not why Robert doesn't return the gesture with gratitude. Its his hatred of submission to the egotistical blood sucking being Trevor crawls deep into the buses inner recesses as Robert and Jim spring forth to refuel their transport.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chappter Nine: Welcome to the fold

Chapter Nine: Welcome to the fold

The coach driven by its ebony coachmen moved through the darkened city with a purpose. The immediate purpose was the survival of those sealed with in its luxurious interior. Human and vampire alike fought for survival of each species over the new dominate one Homo-Cadaverous. Val tended to the broken right arm of the meek stewardess Li as Trevor their vampire leader had explained to Jim Rivers what he and Li had come into. Jim was flabbergasted but compared with what he'd seen in the last few days, he tossed his cynical beliefs asunder. "Good Lord!" exclaiming Jim steadily moving away from the vampire who sat before him was which seemed impossible. The coach would have to be the size of the Titanic as the handsome young demon cleaned the blood of Jim’s former boss from his chin. "You mean to tell me you people have agree to this idiocy!" glancing to Trevor "no offense!" Trevor bowing his head slight with a deep visible smirk knowing the little man had almost no choice, but to agree as well. "Why would you let yourselves become cattle for this monster?" Jim asked. Val couldn't suppress her anger "look if you want we'll pull over and you can wait on the next fucking bus!" She looked a Li who was either wincing at the pain in her arm or her harsh words. She laid the small Asian American woman across the seats they'd sat on rising to come to Jim's side. "Pick your poison Jimmy!" Val mocked "either you’re cattle for sustenance day in and day out, or steak for dinner tonight?" "First of all my name is Jim not Ji....." Val cut off the pilot he sighed but kept his tongue bound within his mouth.

"We were fucked Jim!" her voice grew louder as she moved instead to the front of the coach placing a hand on Rob as he drove. "Trapped in a building and were it not for our blood letting friend here we would be dead and so would you!" Jim placed his hands over his head as he listened. "He gave us shelter, our first real meal since this shit over ran the world, his word and most importantly a chance!" Val looked at the woeful man. Jim Rivers was never consider a genius but nor was he a fool as he spoke he wasn't interrupted. "And that, I realize is something those things won't give us." Jim put on his best poker face when he addressed Trevor Clevantes directly. "Are you being of honor, will you provide us with protection and all we need if we help you, and what assurances do we have of you allegiance to this union?" Trevor came to his feet standing above the man sitting in front of him “My friend I am indeed a being of honor, and will provide you with all I have to offer and more. My word says to you I will never feed from you without your permission." Trevor's smile was easy and soothing but his powers of persuasion worked better on women and homo-sexual men of which Jim was neither. "Madame Valerie hasn't told you yet of my trepidation and weakness. For soon kind Sir the sun will rise and I will be at your mercy I will seek your protection from the most feared mannered of death to my kin the sun." Jim glanced to Val noticing her lovely features and her sidekick Robert who was intently focused on maneuvering the bus. Instead he moved around Trevor kneeling besides Li whom herself was very attractive in her exotic ways. Jim had always had a slight infatuation with the woman he'd know for about the three years they had worked together. He brushed her black hair from her face "what do you say doll. We have a fighting chance if we sign on. His tones hushed and even now a slight smile wrestled the corners of his mouth into a grin. Li Lee lost in her own thoughts plagued by a weak spirit and inner turmoil as to weather or not living in such a world as they now did was something she desired. "Jim......" she swallowed words barely audible "I don't want to die........I don't want to die alone!" No one save Jim Rivers heard her until she began to weep lightly kissing her forehead Jim placed his head softly against Li's. "Me neither doll......." Jim was over come with new found courage his mind darted to many conclusions the first was to tell Trevor few things.

Holding Li's delicate hand Jim Rivers found himself locking eyes with a creature he knew could tear him limb from limb. "We're in Trevor we'll join you clan and resolve ourselves to being you Happy Meals, but if you ever cross us expect to be crossed back my friend!" Trevor gave Jim a half bow "then Mr. Rivers we have a gentleman's agreement, I most graciously thank you both. Ms. Lee please feel better!" Trevor was pleased with himself most definitely but the sun would soon arise he began to retreat to the coaches rear sealed domicile. "Not so fast Trevor!" Rob called out "we are dangerously low on diesel gonna have to make a pit stop!" Trevor turned on his heals "The sun will be up soon!"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

We interrupt ....

Our regularly scheduled chapter. In honor of the premier of Season Two of The Walking Dead. There will be no Chapter posted for The Union. That we may all enjoy AMC's zombie mayhem done right! Our regualr schedule will continue!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chapter Eight: Dead Stop

Chapter Eight: Dead Stop

Three unlikely allies set out from the fringes of Lake Michigan to cross the devastated city which once was Chicago. Once the third largest city in the nation the Windy City was now the third largest concentration of ravenous zombies in the nation. Robert Berry former garbage man steered the cumbersome mobile palace through the wreck strewn streets. Occasionally nudging a smaller obstacles out of their path all the while zombies were drawn to the coach a massive white beaming transport for the living a gigantic ice cream truck for the living dead. "Pretty soon there'll be to many to simply crush under!" he plotted to himself. "Gotta get to the north side further west where the road opens up that way I can floor this bitch." The zombies howled and wailed even as their kin were rolled under the vehicle they continued to beat and hammer at the fuselage. The white shine replaced with caked on gore from thousands of hands. That had attempted to force their way into the coach while shredding flesh and shattering bone against the bus in an effort to taste its occupants. Valerie sat hands over here ears to block the ungodly snarls from outside. Trevor Clevantes vampire prince sat as usual with a calm dignified demeanor as if her were on vacation. Were his blood not black it would assuredly have be blue the type of aristocrats and royalty.

Trevor moved in a whisper to Val’s side even disheveled wearing no make up he was stunned at her natural beauties glow under the dim cabin lights. Trevor surmised as he wrapped an arm around her. "Relax M' Lady the coach is sealed like a tank you'll be fine I am here remember." easily passing the useless false hope of protection and wealth to Valerie in the midst of the apocalypse. She smiled "what now?" gazing across her breast. “We drive until Robert says we require fuel" slight pressure in his hug she blushed "Then I will slip out and refuel us once Robert shows me how!" smirking at the idea of physical labor. Rob glanced down the rear of the cabin. He took time testing his options; he wanted to say "fuck you learn yourself." He held the sarcasm at bay for his own sake. It was tough going steering the beached whale through tight darkened city streets add that to the teaming masses of undead. Every move the bus made, every sound drew in legions of zombies from every direction. "Finally!" exclaimed Rob turning the coach onto Mannheim road. "What is it Robert" Trevor came forward leaning in. "Oh nooo…” Rob coughed out "don't let me interrupt you two!" Rolling his eyes "it seems in the rush to get out of the city no one went towards the airport!" Trevor leaned in to gaze out of the port hole in the front shutter. "Why there are no cars or anything at all!" "Exactly!" said Rob perturbed and jealous. "Well my friend we best make time!" the horses in the dishwasher sized engine under hood yearned to break free. Gunning the diesel powered motor. The dead were pelted back by the speeding busses impact. "Wooo Yeah!" he gave the horn a slap the device blared aloud. Trevor took his seat and the coach bolted for distance and yet regardless of their progress no one could rest. They were now running parallel to the airport only Robert saw the destruction wrought by the dead in the city of broad shoulders. Airplanes lay smoldering or twisted some crashed with dead pilots at the helm others purposefully kamikaze into the tarmac rather than fight with walking corpses. Two Terminals burned out of control as if they were burning beacons in the night.

“Isn't this where it all started here at the airport?" He shouted to be heard. "Yes!" Val sat with her arms folded she could feel the chaos outside. Passing a small gate which led towards the runways he observed a woeful scene an airport van flipping over as it headed out in advance of a regimen of the undead quickly three survivors emerged from the wreckage hobbling towards the road the dead in full glory pursing them for their flesh. Robert flung the coach upon the curb. "Hold on to something" the gate was mowed under as he rode onto the smooth tarmac. The survivors came as best they could. Robert beat the horn yet again this time with a purpose. "Just keep moving!" he mouthed the coach bouncing heavily "We have some humans left out there!" Robert maneuvered the massive mobile home with no effort in the wide open space he came around the three a woman and two men the crew of a small commuter airline. Bruised and battered sporting filthy MidWest Air uniforms the humans moved with a purpose. The tires grabbed asphalt as the bus slid to a halt providing a barrier between the living and the dead. Trevor swung himself to the door of the camper as Robert opened it! "GET IN!" waving the limping people aboard. No time to waist the vampire snatched the exhausted survivors aboard. Robert sealed the door in advance of the horde. "Than....k you!!" a slim man in a tan dirty uniform with MWA stitched upon it in red stuttered his grey and black hair matted with sweat under his cap. He held a frail looking Asian American stewardess sporting a dislocated arm. Zombies beset the unmoving coach in addition to the same female version of the first mans uniform. "I am Jim Rivers this is Li Lee, and that is our fearless Captain Steven Nash." The Captain used to having a crew at his command sporting broad shoulders and a bald head built like a football player was in Roberts face. "Move this thing man!" he ordered "I can't stopped to fast. Trying to save your asses! It won't move until the air pressure builds back up in the shocks!" Nash looked down upon Robert Berry. "Bullshit!" he made to snatch Rob from his appointed seat and they exchanged blows. Trevor seized the taller Captain "My dear fellow show some manners!" He was curt and tense "this is my vehicle and my friend here is driving it very well I might add!" The bus began to rock slowly but then it became more pronounced. "If they flip us were dead!” The Captain swung hard knocking an unsuspecting Trevor to the floor.

No human had dared ever embarrass the prince his anger exploded outward. He came to his feet in the blink of an eye pinning the larger man to the front of the coach with a hand to his throat. "We do this my way you go where I say without question!" the seething immortal continued "Should you ever get the ur...." The young Lord Clevantes was silenced mid sentence by a useless knee to the groin combined with a solid elbow to the jaw. Trevor held tight fingernails elongating into talons digging in to his victim’s neck. He flared his wings in the cramped bus reversing the struggling man. Pushing him back down the wide isle Trevor swooped out of the coaches roof hatch Captain in tow he rose above the onslaught of zombies. The missing dead from the airport had been found they were of course pursuing the last of the living. Where none had stood before hundreds were now amassed below. Dignity be damned as the Captain saw his fate being pulled towards an open vampire’s maw razor sharp fangs extending down. His bowels released and yet it was the least of his concerns. Trevor clamped down on his throat as the dead stretched for them some even managed to hop on their decaying legs all in vain to reach the pair that hovered feet above them. Trevor plunged his fangs deep into Steve’s exposed neck. He pierced a thick throbbing artery which literally pumped blood down his throat in gushes. Trevor couldn’t swallow fast enough as the blood poured from around his lips. The blood flowed as the man spasms going limp in the vampire’s grasp the dead below receiving a generous coating which drives them insane with glee. Moving easily on wings brimming with strength Trevor lured the zombies away from the bus. Leaving enough sweet nectar for a few moments of life to be spent reflecting on many mistakes the vampire flung Steve over his shoulder like a candy wrapper he never looked back. Capitan Steven Nash landed adding insult breaking most of the bones in his body amid the ghouls. He was ravaged and stripped of tissue and flesh while still living. The dead fought over his innards providing wiggle room for the bus. Once aboard coated down his front with type O blood courtesy of the missing Captain. "Anybody else has the desire to test my rules?" staring at the new feed. Jim Rivers tumbled back stunned and shocked into silence submitting with a "no" head nod. He dropped his co-worker Li Lee who had fainted dead away. "Robert while we have a distraction please!" Trevor spoke never batting an eye to Jim showing his dominance much like any animal would have. The bus came to life easily enough. Rob swallowed hard "what the fuck have we gotten into?" he whispered. He was disgusted "Man a lil tact with that shit would be nice!" Shaking his head he pulled the bus back onto the road. Which the dead now littered having finished Captain Nash they were free to again harass the living. Intentionally Rob his black skin wet with sweat weaved the bus to rundown the putrid soldiers of deaths army purposely. "Whhh....as going on hhhere?" Jim croaked out as they gained speed. Trevor strips off his shirt exposing his well toned hairless chest. Using the ragged shirt to wipe the blood from his chest and face he sighs. Never taking his eyes from Jim Rivers he responds “life” before disappearing into the coach’s rear.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Union: Chapter Seven: Cleansing purge

Chapter seven: Cleansing purge

Val and Rob stood dumbfounded in the attached car port to the magnificent house. Standing before them Trevor Clevantes heir to a vast fortune and the throne of the vampire kingdom. He presents their transportation for the evening in his usual smug "you mean you don't have one of these!" manner. Glistening in the light an eggshell white motor coach like a rock stars tour bus. Rob salivates he knew no one but he would be able to drive the beast even before Trevor mentioned it. "Robert I am afraid you will be our driver this night." Trevor in fresh clothes sword slung over his back "as I have never learned to nor had a desire to drive in my life." Rob snorted this thing cost over two hundred grand easy. He could have worked for years at his civil servants wages and never been able to afford it. "No problem there blood sucker!" the black man remarked. Instinctively like a coke addict Trevor Clevantes checks the corners of his mouth for telltale signs of his indulgence of blood earlier. Val’s pretty face wrinkled at Robs words; she couldn't understand why Rob consistently had to be so difficult. The reason was clear to her it was because of her perceived affections. No matter the color, race or even species when two men vied for the affections of one woman there were no prisoners taken by either side. Rob bounded up the lushly carpeted steps of the bus it had been obviously modified or the technical term "customized" for a sun fearing vampire’s lifestyle. Rob noticed it had already been stocked with water and some meager rations of food. No doubt Trevor had done this as they slept. The windows of the vehicle could all be covered with thick sealed shutters for keeping the sun at bay for the on the go vampire. Rob didn't care because he knew it would also keep the living dead at bay. A smaller casket like fixture dominated the rear of the deep cabin. "We have but one last thing to do before we depart" announced the young prince. "Robert if you would pull the coach to the main gate and lock all the shutters to await my arrival." Rob still looking the bus over "say check this out Tre." As Robert had begun insultingly referring to the wealthy creature of the night. "The sooner you realize that we don't work for you the better!" Rob smirked. "Fine" the vampire gritted his teeth "please!" he forced out. "Alright away we go!" gleefully Rob fired up their chariot "all aboard!" With that Valerie stepped up as Trevor disappeared back into the house. "Do you have to be such an asshole to him Rob?" she asked as he depressed the garage door opener. "Look your boyfriend needs to be made aware that we aren't his property!" Rob looked Val up and down "well at least no both of us." Val gave her partner a hateful "you can be such an ass!" glare. With that he turned away from her as she went to find a seat. Robert brought the diesel luxury coach to a halt just outside the compounds main gate as ordered. With one button the shutters softly rolled into place latching shut.

Trevor seethed as he went about his work. "How dare that pathetic mortal talk to me in such a manner!" he fumed. "I'll just have to show you again and again until you respect me." The vampire spoke into the darkness as he doused the mansion with gasoline. He moved with supernatural speed from room to room saturating the dwelling in half the time it would take a human. Making sure that the house would burn flat and erase any evidence of its lord should future generations come looking. In less than half an hour he was done he stared longing for days past when this was a revered part of vampire society. Now came the tricky part for vampire’s feared fire as much as the festering living corpses did. He formulated a devious plan for he would exact revenge on living and dead alike. Trevor manufactured a torch from the curtains and a five thousand dollar Persian rug wrapped around a table leg. Completely soaking the material which would become the torches wick, he finished he ordained task. Trevor placed the implement on the ground near the rear gate across the way from the idling bus. Taking flight on his young wings feeling strong once more Trevor Clevantes could see the dead they numbered in the hundreds hammering at the gates. There could be thousands he mused and still they couldn't breech the gates of the compound. They pawed skyward for him although not as frenzied as they would for a true living being. He saw the huge bladed weapon of his Lord Azrael a pang of heart ache crossed him then it was gone. The sword would stay where it fell in battle he decided. The gasoline vapors hung heavy about the property as he rode warm air currents dropping in on top of the mobile fortress. He startled Rob and Val who had her weapon pointed up as he spoke into the open hatch. "Tis I my friends" he swung down to the floor leaving the hatch open. "Robert perhaps you could help me sir?" Trevor inquired "Suuuure!" Rob sarcastically drew out.

Rob with his back to the dead prince never finished with his grand "fuck off!" Trevor seized him by his collar hefting him up and knocking the axe to the floor of the coach. "Trevor please don't hurt him!" Val protested wringing her hands together. They didn't hear her plea Trevor had taken flight back out the hatch with Rob. As they went Rob made numerous attempts to slug the vampire in his beautiful face. Trevor easily shrugged off the blows and slowly came to a hover black wings slapping the air only a few feet above the dead. "Ask yourself my friend!" Trevor informed the garbage man who looked down in horror "do you really want me to let you go?" The zombies below wailed and moaned climbing and stampeding atop one another to claw at the human meat being dangled above them. "NO! No!" Rob shouted panicked “Now this Trevor” thought wicked grin creasing the sides of his mouth pearl white fangs just visible over his lips. “Is the way you should treat me” Robert saw his smile and knew it didn’t bode well for him. "Here's the plan my dear man!" The young vampire bearing his fangs total length in a gesture of dominance meant to strike fear into his victim. "Are you listening Robert because you life depends on it?" Rob shaking his head in a vigorous affirmation "You grab that torch run though the house light it and set the place to burn taking as many of these diseased rats down as you can. Make it though the backdoor and I will carry you to the bus and we shall flee together." Pulling Rob close with little effort "Run for the bus and not the house and I will cast you aloft and drop you amongst them understand?" Unfortunately for Rob he did understand his big ass mouth had gotten his big ass in some serious shit. Trevor places Rob down by the torch ten feet from the gate. Rob grabs the torch as Trevor lands in front of the gate. Exhaling deeply Trevor grasps the front wrought iron fence applying all his might. The vampire begins to strain at the thick electronic gates which give way with metal snapping "plincks". The weight of the mass of zombies pushes inwards Trevor takes flight just above the surging undead legion. "GO!" Clevantes shouts with arrogance as he climbs into the night sky.

One zombie sees Rob and soon hundreds are alerted to his presence. Momentarily he is frozen until the total horror is revealed faces of the dead come bounding for him arms out stretched putrid mouths agape. Rob bolts for the house ahead of the onslaught. "OH GOD!" he cries as he pats himself looking desperately for his lighter. Vaulting up the stairs Robert plunges into the house. The undead prince nice enough to leave the door ajar for him to escape through. Breathe coming in gasps his balls having receded into his abdomen now becoming ovaries. He possessed not the courage to look behind him for a horde of ghouls’ chases him as if he were the fifth Beatle. Grasping his lighter striking it to flame on the run was as difficult as one might think it to be. Finally his heart beat again as the ragged material burst into flames. Weaving thought the house he touched it to anything that was in his path leaving fire in his wake as if he could run fast enough to set things ablaze himself. The fire roared behind him and yet still the dead came on drowning out the crackling flames.
Soon the fire hungry for more to consume traced its way along a flammable trails through out the entire house and onto the compound grounds setting trees and shrubs afire. Rob noticed the flames had also leapt ahead of him and that he chased them as the dead chased him. Burning flames ate at the house incinerating the dead. Rob’s lungs burn in his chest threatening to seize up and cease to functioning his lack of physical activity. Ahead of him lay the rear exit mercifully open a full view of the calm lake out of the backdoor, but no Trevor. Coughing he crested the doorway sweating chest heaving scanning around for his ride. Hearing the dead surge he ran on for the safety of the coach. Zombies the ones first in emerged after him hungry and on fire in front of him the property now teamed with activity from the fetid masses. They all had eyes for him in the distance they beat at the bus. Rob began to cry he was facing death and he was alone.

Floating silently above the weeping man Trevor was pleased with the results. Swooping down snatching Rob as the living dead surrounded him encroaching for the kill. Robert Berry gasped as he was taken up wiping tears away "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" The enraged human screamed in the face of the immortal. "I suggest we call a truce Sir, or shall I sit you back down amongst your fan club?" Robert said nothing, but he thought of revenge "Val needs us." Robert utters through clinched teeth. Over the mayhem they hover and come down on the bus roof top safely twenty feet removed form the ground its engine revving. Trevor drops Rob through the hatch then slides in and closes it. The dead beat at the vehicle rocking the bus on its massive shocks. Moving quickly Robs yanks Val from the coachmen’s seat "excuse me!" Trevor depresses a button on the visor of the bus and the front gate whips open. Through a slot in the window Rob see the dead litter his way, but no roadblocks. He guns the bus and gradually it gains speed crushing the dead under it weight. Behind them the manor of the once powerful vampire godfather is ragging inferno lighting up the night sky. Hundreds of zombies meet their end engulfed in flames this night. Thousands more are attracted to the spectacle. Humans and vampire alike flee. All silent all lost in thought one of home, one of survival, and one of vengeance.

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The Union Chapter Six: A new night A new day

Chapter six: A new night a new day.

Trevor Clevantes like most of his vampire kin could feel in their souls when the sun set and returned the earth to the rule of the regal undead. They also had a vague ancient sense that told them when vampire blood had been spilled. As a result upon his awakening Trevor held a taste in his mouth like tar. In the soft velvet lining of what coffins had become in the twenty first century he spoke softly. "This place has been fouled" the last words from his grandfather Azrael the true head of legions of blood suckers world wide. Ian Clevantes had instructed him to burn the mansion to the ground even though it was built like a fort and could likely keep the dead at bay for years. There was no question weather or not Azrael's wishes would be honored. Besides Trevor wanted to return home to his family, to a father who was smart and savvy. It was he who wove words of silk into a fortune while furthering the vampires hold on the world’s finances. Arthur Clevantes was now the most powerful being on the planet as Azrael’s passing from this world had gifted all of his power to his son. Trevor’s mother was kind, sweet and pure of blood as she was of virtue. So beautiful was Sonya Clevantes that even her own son found it hard not to stare longingly at her when graced with her presence. His younger sister although pampered and spoiled by their father possessed the same skill as her father and the radiant beauty of her mother. Most assuredly she would one day tear men’s hearts asunder in the name of love.

Trevor stepped from the metal vault like coffin. His essence ached to feed, but he feared it was to early to ask his allies. If he took what he craved he knew they would most likely revolt resulting in thier deaths and eventually his. For a vampire death was relative and considered part of the code, but starvation. This was another matter indeed for of his kind Trevor knew of only one thing more painful and agonizing than the Suns touch upon their skin. Starving for a blood dependant vampire meant simply coming to a point where ones body began to dissolve from the inside. As this happened the liquefied tissue was reabsorbed poisoning the hapless victim. While their body slowly dissolved over the course of wretched days and nights. Most any night dweller would openly state the quick death of the "Kiss of the Sun" was preferable than stravation. Trevor dressed in clothes which fit loosely due to his current dietary restrictions plodded down the richly decorated halls of the house. In the room next to the one he'd taken the young vampire hovered at the door. Smelling the air he knew Robert and Valerie were here and asleep. Licking parched lips sensing the red nectar flowing through their veins. His manhood swelled hard and strained against his pants for a vampire feeding was almost sexual. Master Trevor had been without food or a woman’s company for far to long. Sniffing the purified air in the room Valerie’s unwashed scent was easily pulled into his nostrils. His lust went out for her she wanted him and he could all but taste the moisture between her thighs. Now was not the time Robert guarded her like a rabid watch dog. When the wolf could not get at the sheep form the sheppard, he simply convinced the sheep to come to his waiting mouth. He had to satiate one desire or the other, he choose sustenance for now. Swiftly making his way down to the kitchen of the manor Trevor like all vampires bypassed the fridge for what craved was never cold only body temp would do! “98.6 or nothing…” as they used to say the sparsely decorated kitchen was not the focal point of a vampire household as it was with humans. Into a large pantry he followed the hum of the electric warmer embedded with in the large refrigerator like device. It was more akin to the equipment used by doctors to oxygenate and circulate the blood of a patient on the operating table. Once open the fluorescent light cascaded over him the modern marvel before him allowed the vampire lords to store blood for short periods of time. To Trevor the red liquid looked fresh and smelled clean only the best for Lord Azrael the LED on the door read 98.6. Unfortunately he had no way of knowing how old the blood was. If it had begun to separate into plasma the red blood cells in it would be lethal. His lips quivered as his teeth became fangs. His giftedly large cock throbbed he had to have it at any cost!

He closed his eyes grasping the tube pulling it to his mouth cautiously drawing in the fountain of blood. Swallowing slowly the vampire princes mind flooded with past visions of the life lived by the human whose blood he greedily drew in. A man of average means an employee of his grandfathers who allowed himself to be harvested for extra money to support his elderly mother. Trevor Clevantes waited for the agony the searing pain of instant death but it didn't materialize. His blood streaked dagger like canines sunk into the tube opening the valve full throttle he drank deeply. Like a greedy dessert rat dying of thirst when offered a sip of the coldest most natural water on earth. Trevor’s color became more natural more human, his hair a blonde mane of perfection. The massive erection subsiding as his most important need was satisfied. Bringing back the assets he would need most for their journey strength along with the keen senses of a hunter. The flow continued unabated as Trevor released the valve level wide open allowing the thick crimson brew to coat his sculpted chest. That done he tracked blood through the house rivulets of the nectar ran down the side of his mouth as he descended into his deceased grandfathers private rooms in the basement of the large house.

He found himself at the door of the armory of the Elder of his people a being with in whose lifetime had spanned almost the length of human warfare. The winged dead unlike the foul beast who'd overtaken the world held an affinity for bladed weapons guns and bombs were for cowards. He opened the door to a room which stored all manner of killing tools. Breathlessly Trevor Clevatnes was drawn past shields, bows, knives, daggers, and axes of all sorts from every corner of the globe. To a wall coated in ornate swords he saw the one he claimed as his birth right. A two handed broad sword thousands of years old and having tasted more blood than even he had a right to dream. The long polished platinum blade joined to a hilt made of pure silver bat like wings. The long handle ending in a skull surely this sword would purge many an undead foe, for his clan his Elder, and even humanity at this point. Removing the weapon shaking slightly it was heavy for it held the weight of the past and the present of vampire supremacy. Its leather sheath hung near it gently he eased the nameless razor shape sword home until it was snugly in place. He bowed ever so slightly at the empty space on the display and exited the room. As he did plucking a two headed battle axe from a display case. It was small for a vampire especially one of regal heritage but just enough for a human of Roberts stature. "Now Robert Berry you shall fight with honor you unworthy heathen." Twirling the tool he closed the door and began his preparations for their departure.

Val and Robert came to the kitchen to find Trevor in a warrior’s prayer. Hunched over the sword mumbling to himself clean and refreshed "well you look better. Dare we ask how?" Val inquired as young prince Clevantes arose and tossed Robert the axe. "For you my friend it has served one master now it serves you. An honorable man deserves an honorable tool." Robert smirked "what do you have for me?" Val cackled. Trevor gave her a soft smile "Madame nowhere in a vampire dwelling will you find something as barbaric as a simple gun I do apologize." bowing before her. Robert steadied himself as his mind yelled "do it!" wanting so badly to split the skull of the smug creature with whom he fought for Valerie's affections. "We must leave here the night is short and this city belongs to the dead. So soon shall this place in which we stand!" The trio heads for the door to the outside world and the three and a half million flesh eaters of the metropolitan Chicago area.

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The Union Chapter Five: The Elder versus The Eternal

Chapter five: The Elder versus The Eternal

Trevor slinked into the bed of the Lord of his kind. While most believed the vampire legends that they slept in coffins. “Coffin like” was a better term for Azrael’s slumber chamber. It rose from the floor in the midst of his ornate bedroom. The vast majority of the blood sucking undead felt safe sleeping underground only. The silver chamber slid open with a soft "Fiss" unsealing itself. Inside it was white, silk and satin plush and soft as clouds fluffed by the summer winds. Trevor defeated emotionally and weak from a lack of proper feeding climbed into the coffin like set-up rolling over onto his back hands across his chest. Depressing the switch he fell quietly into a suspended animated state. The lid pressed closed sealing out the light and exterior air. An air purifier kicked on. Even with a mansions worth of bedrooms from which to choose from Rob and Val huddled intertwined under the bed on shag carpeting. They were directly adjacent to the master bedroom which held their vampire savior. Azrael stood silently listening to the moans and wails of this bastard inbred hybrid of humanity and vampirism. These zombies as they were called Azrael was almost assured had sprung forth from the traditional ghoul of vampire lore. A true ghoul was a human who for some unknown reason when bitten by a vampire did not complete the metamorphosis into the new grander species. Instead they became walking talking corpses who fed on the living flesh. The ghouls mere presecence was an afront to the vampire species. Their rotting carcasses festered and disintegrated some times in weeks and in one case years.

In any case the most physically powerful entity on the face of the earth had donned ten centuries worth of battle attire that he'd collected over the centuries. A full faced helmet from when he rode with the Turks slaughtering Christians in the Middle East. He wore a chest plate from two hundred years later when he rode with The Knights Templar massacring Muslims from Libya all the way to Israel. His shield and sword forged from pure gold looted from Constantinople by both he and Attila the Hun. Azrael had never cared for humans nor their insignificant lives only his true clan and his love of killing. Slowly he opened the door to his domicile three hundred pounds of amour adorned him and its weight was less than noticeable as he had begun the process of morphing his outward appearance to meld with his inward hatred. Having lost his Lady Ester all he desired was mayhem, bedlam and the ease of the cessation of life with out her! Soon he would have both for on the horizon where the sky meet Lake Michigan’s fresh water the hint of daylight and Azrael Arch-angel to the House of Scorpios' true adversary awaited. His breathing was fierce as he locked the door securing the fortress like house for his young charge and his life saving human cargo. Marching down to the front yard of the estate Azraels eyes began to burn more intense than even he though possible the area around him aglow as if a bonfire burned into the pre dawn sky. The undead siege machine on the other side of the wall was oblivious to all. The living dead catching sight of the light show and the cacophony of the heavily armored vampire Lord wail aloud. The dead drew in clamoring at the wall excited by the motion and the noise was it "flesh..... live humans" they seemed to ask. Azrael stood psyching himself up as his ocular sockets blazed with each breath his body mass increases the armors fit becomes more snug fitting to the massive frame it was molded to centuries ago. His finger nails long and yellowed become blades. As did the nails on his bare feet Azrael became more animal like than humanoid. Fangs sprouting like ivory tusks which had brought to end a many a life. The dead screamed, Azrael roared, and the sun came closer to mediating the feud of the dead.

Unsheathing a blade that had seen more battles than could be counted let more blood than some rivers may hold without spilling their banks. Its golden hilt fused into a polished steel blade. The last sign of Azrael superiority a set of weather beaten leathery wings tattered on its edges and black as coal. His massive wings twice the span of young prince Trevor's leathery wings. "ESTER!!!!!!!!!!!" The beast growled vaulting form his spot over the wall of the compound landing atop a car compacting it under his weight. The ground shook as he stepped down among the fetid bodies’ flames breeching the mouth of the Vampire Lord. The undead zombies all but ignored the dead beast after all it wasn't the human meat they sought they continued howling clawing for the wall and the living it protected. Inhaling deeply Azrael expelled a plume of flames form his mouth. Zombies began to explode in an inferno of white flame infused with rage and fueled by undying love. The zombies simply ignored the huge being in their numbers. Drawing his sword casting a glance to the east more light at the corners of the night than Azrael had seen in a millennia. Cleaving through the masses like a farmer’s sickle in hand tilling a field of amber wheat. Hacking and slashing zombies flew in chunks limbs and pieces scattering to the wind. Azrael’s anger driving his rage as he slung the huge golden shield with superhuman strength decapitating zombies by the dozen. Taking up the sword in both hands daylights first sting touching him from afar beads of semen colored liquid boiling to the top of his dermal layer and rolling off in wet plops onto the street. The blade sliced steel discarded wrecks as easily as dead tissue. Even the world dumbest dogs will only allow one to molest him for so long and when that mutt is in a pack he becomes dangerous. One corpse had enough he flew over a burnt out BMW landing on Azrael’s back just under his massive helmet the creature found exposed neck and stripped flesh from it. The Vampire overlord reaches back feeling no pain screaming from blood lust not registering the agony of his skin melting from the Suns hateful kiss. He wretched the dead man from his neck as his kin took arms to battle against this foreign aggressor. In the ensuing melee the dead turned on the vampire monster in their city. Swinging wildly with one powerful arm tipped with blades the opposite arm bore the long razor sharp implement which effortlessly slid though bodies. The Sun now rising above the horizon. Azrael’s flesh began bubbling like a vat of lard still he fought on his right eye caught a glimpse of the sun before it exploded like a ripe tomato. His wings burning shriveling like torched paper. Insane with agony the zombies were tossed about like fleas even as some landed bites of sopping gooey flesh. He beheld with his remaining eye Azrael saw his beloved Ester clad in her white night gown her body as lovely as he could ever remember. Save the lone blemish a gouge bitten from her once flawless left arm. "Es...terr…” through dissolving lips dropping his sword coming to his wife of far to few years kneeling before her humbly. Azrael brushed the dead away no more than pesky flies as the sun claimed dominion over the sky. Azrael seized his wife in his death throws she squirmed in his boiling grasp baring a mouth full of human flesh as she clawed his remaining eye from its deformed socket. He wouldn't get a final glance of the sun but it paled in comparison to Lady Ester’s beauty. Azrael’s last act is to squeeze the life from the fetid corpse of his lost bride as she writhed about in his massive arms. Crushing the life from Ester’s reanimated body and simultaneously his heart. The great Lord of the vampires spun the dead clamored over him and he felt the suns agonizing rays as it ascended into the sky. With an inaudible curse the great beast burst into a plume of fine crystalline charcoal dust sprinkling to the ground exploding in a collage of black fire and lighting all the dead in his immediate vicinity are vaporized. The zombie army is stunned buy the sudden disappearance of their foe. Trevor awoke with a gasp knowing his family’s patriarch was no more he returned to his slumber with a soft whine into the pitch black void around him.

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Chapter Four: The Elder Speaks

Chapter Four: The Elder speaks.

Trevor Clevantes flew overloaded through the night winds drying zombie gore streaking his chiseled features matting his blonde hair. He grew weaker by the minute as the night would soon give way to day his last feeding was but a snack not even half the meal he would usually partake. Valerie Couts herself one of the beautiful people could sense the fatigue that ran just below the surface of the vampires calm demeanor. The cityscape below them lay strewn with the bodies of humans gutted and mutilated by the living dead who shuffled about in search of new flesh to rend from bone. Occasionally one would look up to see them and paw towards the sky mouth agape gnawing at the air. The trio arrived at an opulent brick home nestled upon a dead end street with a castle like ten foot high brick fence surrounding the property. There appeared to be none of the crazed dead on the grounds the back of which ran to the beach and the sandy shores of Lake Michigan. Trevor landed heavily on the lush mid-summer's green grass. Cautiously they scanned the area for ghouls Robert sweating but chilled clutching his axe unsure as to weather he really trusted their tour guide to all things dead. Val’s four bullet clip held within the 9mm Glock on the ready. "I implore you my friends you must observe the rules of the Lord of the manner most strictly!" Trevor continued very few humans have seen what you shall this night. Even fewer have seen it and lived to see the next cursed sunrise.""And that is what?” Rob was more than happy to aggravate and antagonize Trevor "Azrael the Elder." The group walked to the house on the soft grass their arrival bringing the undead over for a look at the fence. However the Iron Gate would have no problems keeping hundreds of them at bay. "What is an Elder?" Val whispered as they cautiously walked to the dark manor.

"Not an Elder ...The Elder!" Trevor punctuated his words eyes shinning like a man summoned to his bosses, bosses office. "Azrael has been referred to by many names his complete title is Azrael the Arch Angel to the House of Scorpio. Due to the fact he originally came into being under the zodiac sign of Scorpio centuries ago.” Once at the threshold of the house Trevor bowed his head and whispered silently to himself. "I thought your father was the La… de da grand high king of......" Roberts’s mockery cut off mid word by a quick snake like backhand. "That was just a warning my friend indeed make no mistake about it!" Robert was stunned his face ached from the impact but he also knew it could have been worse. Spoke the beautiful vampire prince "You will never disrespect my father or my family name. Secondly listen closely the being which you are about to meet has destroyed entire civilizations. Lord Azrael was once the King of all of my kind after abdicating the throne he is still the power behind the entire vampire domain!" Trevor’s words fast and furious colored with honor brushed with fear. "He is merciless if you desire your life don't speak directly to him unless he asks you and never make eye contact with him! Do you understand me?" Val thought as she nodded her head wordlessly that she'd rather face the army of the undead than this thing Trevor spoke of with such fear and respect. Rob massaged his swelling jaw line. "Azrael has been alive for twelve hundred years since your species dwelt in caves and nearly had a spoken language. He is the oldest and most feared of our kind none move with out his blessing!" Trevor leaned in attempting to clean himself up some what "Lest none of us leave here alive!" With no trepidation Trevor climbed the stairs to the lair of the creature he'd been brought before for every milestone of his life to be judge. He had been taught sheer reverence for the vampire of vampires. The stories he'd heard of this great being’s deeds and miss deeds were sometimes the focal point of legends. Other times the bindings of nightmares. Robert and Valerie were not as brave they stood bolted to the ground shivering. The pair debated their choices of hiding versus the desire to run into the throngs of the dead rather than walk into the dark house. "Trevor!" Val called the young vampire turned shooting her a violent stare. When Valerie had a question she had to ask it regardless of the consequences. "Why did he give up the throne?!" she whispered aloud. "Because I chose a mortal woman to be my bride” resonating from the black doorway came a deep harsh gravelly voice. It was dry yet the words emitted seemed alive and powerful like a physical force.

No hesitation as Trevor Clevantes fell to his knees on the porch hoping his friends did the same. Heads cast down prostrate Val and Rob held their breath. "Welcome child arise Trevor." immediately Trevor did as he was commanded stepping into the darkness and into the embrace of his grandfather. The two walked into the house further until they reached a dimly lit room which faces out to the placid water of the ink black lake. Azrael or the mortal name he went by Ian Clevantes was a creature who'd been everywhere releasing his scourge along with his seed on every continent on earth. He was the god the ancient Incan and Mayans worshipped until on a whim he banished them from the face of the planet. He'd been the man Londoner's had named "Jack the Ripper!" So, many others too many to name each time unleashing whatever he choose upon humanity. Until a hundred years hence he beheld a farmer’s daughter one night as he set to kill the entire household. Ester Jones was a raven haired beauty whom every boy in the surrounding counties of northern Illinois had courted. Azrael had been with thousands of woman some of the worlds most beautiful who willingly had succumbed to his seduction, but this girl’s beauty defied every urge to kill with in the core of the soulless demon. So, for the first and only time a vampire king took an unchanged mortal woman for his bride giving the throne to his first son Arthur Clevantes. Trevor beheld his mentor the maker of his clan who had allowed himself to age to match his wife’s appearance. Ester Jones and the vampire lord conceived no children for it was not possible as he used his knowledge of human anatomy and periodic bloodlettings to retard Ester’s aging process somewhat for at ninety eight she looked no older than forty five when last Trevor had an audience with her. Azrael's hair was a radiant white flowing to his shoulders unbound. His some what wrinkled skin, he resembled a pale sixty year old overly athletic grandfather not the unholy council of the vampire species.

"Why have you come here child and brought humans to my doorstep no less." He stood staring at the waves through the large picture window at the rear of the house. "Forgive me Lord Azrael, we seek sanctuary from the suns harsh rays. As I was en route home when this plague beset humanity and tore it to pieces. I was at starvations door when those humans agreed to accompany me home to sustain my family in exchange for my protection." Head bowed in subservience Trevor avoids eye contact. Azreal summoned the prince to his side Trevor moved quietly across the room. "My child you dare make a deal with humans to protect your family and yet they have willingly agreed to become livestock?" The young immortal swallowed hard "No sir they will live among us and flourish that they may breed that we all both human and........" Azrael’s gruff hands came to Trevor’s bare neck, but still Trevor continued to talk. "Vampires will survive this punishment!" Slowly the ancient creature began to stroke the smooth cheek of the youthful two hundred year old immortal. "Remember from the day of your birth my child that I destined you to rule our kind." Azrael smiled and Trevor began to relax "you have the foresight required to be King for without humans we will assuredly become extinct! Bring in your precious cargo my child and take shelter here for the day. I do not know of the state of your family nor any of the other clans. Without modern communication we are as cut off as humans. As we have lost our ability to telepathically connect because it went unused for eons." Trevor made time to the front of the house where Val and Rob stood scanning nervously to and fro. "Come in my friends please have a seat in the foyer!" urgently they came neither wanting to, but again the alternatives left them no choice. "It’s about time." Rob murmured Trevor’s eyes burned that shade of red once more but he had no time to discipline Robert. Latching the solid reinforced door he returned to Azrael’s side.

"What has caused this disharmony upon the earth my Lord?" Trevor inquired of his Elder. "I do not know my child... I simply do not understand. “Azrael’s bony had stroked his chin “You know that the Christians believe that their God will raise the dead as punishment against the living before his return. Perhaps after centuries of speculation, he has done just that. That aside young Trevor they believe the meek shall inherit the earth. You and I know better, but these foul creatures who destroy all feasting upon living humans have taken the earth in a bloody coup. Usurping us of our rightful place vile FILTH!" Lord Azrael’s eyes burned white illuminating the house like spotlights as if day had come. Instinctively Trevor covered his eyes while in the front of the house Valerie and Rob clung to each other in sheer terror. His fury peeked Azrael’s white flame eyes returned to normal. "They have taken M’lady Ester form me Trevor my heart no longer beats as she is among their undead minion."The old vampire sank into a hand crafted leather Italian chair. Trevor rushed to the Lord of the Nightwalkers kissing his hand kneeling at his feet. For he knew the depths of his Grandfathers love for the human Ester Jones all of his kind did. "My Lord I pledge to you but say the word I will go forth and bring you heart after heart of this putrid horde until I find the one who has taken M’lady Ester from you!" Azrael took the chin of his two hundred and fifty third grandchild, his favorite of all. "My child you can bring me every heart but that of the woman I have loved since before mankind could fly." Azrael ran his hand through Trevor stained blonde hair. "Go my child my blessing on your quest to carry on my blood line. Cleanse yourself take of my home and my bed. For the sun will come soon and I will meet it on the field of battle." Trevor made as if to speak Azrael gently as a human grandfather placed his hands upon his lips to quite him. He kissed the seed of his eldest son. "It is my will child, I must have vengeance and pass what I am unto the next world. Rest well for you must not fail and when you leave burn this house to its foundation." Trevor nodded tears flowing down his dirty face he took leave of his grandfather gathering up his companions and securing the house. Azrael sat he began to sip a fifty year old scotch his favorite. In his mind played a thousand plus years of night he mused weather or not he would even see the sun before the end came. It had been hundreds of years since he'd seen it last, he was stoic in his indignation. In less than an hour he would tear thought the siege at the gates of his house members of which had taken his beloved Ester if he could still cry he would have. Soon his wrath would play out against hundreds of the living dead his sword would taste black blood as he went to meet his bride in the void. In the dimly lit dark his six inch long fangs barely visible as he smiled pearl white teeth glistening.

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The Union: Chapter Three: A Unionized Bond

Chapter three: A Unionized bond.

Rob kneaded the axe handle in his grasp how could he trust some one, some thing that was only a mere definitions difference from what had pursued him for weeks “undead.“ That which had brought about the eve of mankind’s extinction zombies. "So I guess you fucking expect us to reveal our weaknesses to now you know scream, cry and beg you for mercy!?" Rob let the vampire mull over his answer "or maybe we allow you to kill us!" A chuckle from the angelic looking demon "Robert I have been killing your kind for two hundred years and I am rather proficient at it my friend. If I choose to kill you I would require no help." Robert opened his mouth to speak but Val stifled him with a hand. "So you want us to help you get to your home in San Diego, from Chicago?" Val continued clicking off points "help sustain your family, and protect you in exchange for our guaranteed safety?" Trevor looked towards the east from where his kind’s mortal enemy would arise. "Yes M’ lady and on my life no harm shall ever befall the two of you." Val began to pull Rob back from Trevor Clevantes who grew tired of explaining himself to mortals who really had no choice other than submission. As they stood atop a burning skyscraper filled to capacity with zombies. "Trevor!" called Val from across the roof secretly believing herself and Rob to be out of ear shot of the Vampire. Trevor marveled how little humans knew about his kind which is how they desired it. Vampires could here like a bat from a distance four times that of a human. "How exactly do you guys plan to get this blood from us? Biting us every day?” "No Valerie we would use the same techniques as if you were donating blood at the Red Cross!" Vampires only bite a victim’s neck in order to drain the corpse completely. To change a human to a vampire required a lust mark which was a puncture as close to the victims genitals as possible. With her question answered Val turned to Rob.

"We don't have much of a choice Robert!" She pleaded "No.....no we have survived without that dead leech!" Robert fumed "He saved us and you fucking know it! We don't have wings maybe we can just go along and see..." she responded. Robert stepped into the face of this woman his companion. He still had yet to decide what she was to him other than the only other living human he’d seen in forever. "I see how you look at him those panties you've been wearing over two weeks are soaked for him already!" Val reeled in shock pushing he long hair from her face. Her first reaction pre-zombie invasion would have been to cry, but her first reaction post-zombie invasion. Swift open palmed slap to the smooth black cheek of Robert Berry grabbing his attention. His nostrils flared as he bored holes into the woman whom he’d considered himself to be falling for. Walking the ledge like a circus acrobat Trevor smiled humans and their petty emotions, so easily manipulated. His head snapped to facing the couple his fangs extended from his canines with a hiss. Those manicured nails grew to ten eight inch long razor like daggers from his finger tips. Two steps off the ledge the barefooted nimble vampire leapt into the air diving towards them. Val cried "God no... Trevor!" falling to the ground "Robert lashed out with the axe missing the airborne Prince of the Enoch Clan. Trevor sailed in a long arc over the pairs head landing some ten feet behind them. His body mass more dense than his 190 lbs frame would be if he were a human. He landed atop an undead zombie engineer which had slowly crept up silently behind them into a heap. The zombie was mangled compacted into a pile of meat and bones. Trevor spun fangs bared "Get Back!" voice no longer harmonious, but guttural like a roaring lion speaking English. Rob drug Val back by one arm as a perplexed dead janitor whose face had been chewed off simply stared at Trevor in his wicked battle plumage. The zombie in the blue coveralls appeared to be sizing up Trevor confused was he food or not food. Trevor had heard the dead coming smelled them even sooner which he now recognized the stench of the flesh eaters.

Low and quick stripping off the tattered silk shirt Trevor caught the dead man by the neck of his soiled attire reinforcements appeared at the maintenance roof access a lady in a dress casual business attire minus an arm moved to skirt around the vampire, she was instead snagged by the neck. Holding the dead off the ground one per blade tipped hand was like holding two greased pigs squealing and screaming. A third and fourth zombie appeared Trevor almost as an after though viciously slammed the two he held skull to skull destroying the vile creatures heads he turned to avoid the toxic black blood that spewed from the decimated bodies he dropped. The next living dead came all out for Trevor no hesitation at all. Trevor drove a clawed hand through the wretched things face and out of its cranium scrambled grey matter plopping down on the rooftop. The arrogant young vampire flicked the dead being from his hand as if it were dog hair on a ten thousand dollar suit. Trevor’s battle tactics flowed like a practiced dance routine. Streaking past the last zombie he brutally twists its head off its decayed shoulders in one quick motion. Then in a regal manner the vampire absently tosses it over the edge of the red steel structure Trevor halted his rampage at the stairwell entrance as dozens of corpses clogged the stairs coming up to check on the commotion. Howling a Mc Donald’s worker in her brown and yellow uniform rose up cresting the stairs for her undead trouble Trevor Clevantes punts off her head before slamming the door shut.

Straining using his super human strength he wedged a pole across the door to stave off the onslaught. He's covered in putrid dead matter as the black bat like wings peel from his back unfurling to their impressive full wing span.  Trevor became the supernatural appearance of the Catholics biblical interpretations of Lucifer, but with blonde hair. "Help me please my friends as I have helped you!" Trevor did something no vampire had ever done in recorded lore to a human. "All is forgiven." spoken by the powerful being as he knelt before mere mortals pleading for their assistance. Val looked to Rob his eyes more afraid of dying now than later he knew they really had no choice. "We'll join you in this union as you ask!" blurted the socially inept garbage man. Trevor rose to his feet smiling "Thank you my friends taking up his gifts. The vampire pressed them close stepping off the skyscraper. "I HAVE A MENTOR WHO WILL HELP US TIS ALMOST DAYLIGHT!" Trevor revealed his plan as they flew north towards Lincoln Park of the most prestigious areas in all of the Midwest. When the dead broke through the barricaded door they found nothing human. Their fading fleshed focused minds went right back to being a jumble of past life images.

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Chapter Two: A rooftop proposition

Chapter Two: A rooftop proposition

Trevor Clevantes a ruling member of the vampire elite struggled to fly as he carried two human beings. These two were more precious to him than all of his families billions, land, power, or anything for they represented life for him and his family. The world was an inhospitable place for any creature not a living dead zombie. For while we know a vampire is stronger than a human being. They are gifted with fantastic abilities beyond belief as well. The undead blood suckers still required humans for protection and substance. Trevor had never considered himself above reproach as most of his species did, but he held no malice or hatred towards the truly living. He did not see them as equals nor did he see them as worthless. Until the zombie invasion vampires had been content to live their long enchanted lives just out of sight of the humans they fed upon. For although physically stronger than mortals’ vampires were vulnerable out numbered by at least a million to one. This living dead plague, he hoped would lessen the great divide between humans and vampires. In his minds eye which beheld much history and many threats to the vampire clans, he knew these two humans he held aloft would survive far longer than he if they split up.

Trevor came to roost high above the city streets atop the Techmaco Building near the shores of Lake Michigan eighty eight stories high. Obviously fatigued slowly but regaining some of his skin tone. Standing up straight his expensive shirt flapped in the breeze ripped to strings by his impressive black bat like wings. Trevor brought his wings into place once he was older they would drape him like a black velvet cloak, but for now they were absorbed into his back through the skin. Below them the vertical red square building vomited smoke as smoldering fires burned unchecked within. Val stepped back tucking the gun in her waist band taking Robs arm for comfort. Rob played the axe from hand to hand waiting for the mythical beast to attempt to take him and Val. No words passed about they stared one another down mentally weighing their options. Trevor’s hair waved in the wind like a gold ribbon. The acrid smell of smoke wafting on the lake winds was carried off towards Wisconsin on the lakes far side. Save the three beings who watched each other the roof top was devoid of life it held only scaffolding for window washing and assorted tools.

"So!" Rob broke out into speech "you want our help but you threaten to drop us to the ground if we refuse!" A hostile bitter Rob points with his axe for added appeal "You misunderstood me my friend" came the soft chorus like voice of Trevor "I was showing you what your alternative was surely tonight I did indeed save your lives." His speech was dignified and eloquent while Robs was anything but! "Hey blood sucker we aint your friends you are no different to me than those sacks of shit down there! You just like your humans prepared a different way!" The wind kicked up Trevor’s eyes became blood red orbs in their sockets like polished marbles. He was upon Rob so fast the husky man hadn't even drawn a complete breath. "Make NO mistake fool!!" To drive home his superiority Trevor effortlessly lifted Robs 244lbs skyward with but one hand. "I am more powerful than you could ever imagine! I am not to be trifled with nor am I to be insulted by the likes of you!" The metal barrel pressed into Trevor’s skull didn't persuade him as Val squealed "put him....down....please."

Trevor’s smile was easy and seductive Val had no intention of shooting their unlikely ally, although she was overwhelmed with the urge to submit her essence to the vampire prince. "Valerie save your bullets M’lady for they shall only serve to further enrage me!" In Trevor’s powerful right hand Rob hung fighting for breath with slob and spittle frothing from his lips ran onto Trevor’s hand. Rob was flung to the rooftop. "I have come to you with compassion please my friends do not mistake it for cowardice." Wiping his hands on Rob’s filthy shirt and helping the dazed man to his feet. "I could have killed you both back there......" placing his face in his hands "… and the hunger almost caused me to do just that." The summer nights humidity covered him he began to pace no fear of falling to his death his walk was much steadier almost regal, He hopped upon the buildings ledge. Kneeling he cast his gaze down at the ruined city. "How can we trust you?" Val was over at Rob’s side "how do know you won't kill us or turn us into vampires?!" Val’s questioning was erratic she was exasperated.

Trevor spoke without facing the humans "My dear sweet Valerie when one is low on food tis it not insanely foolish to make more mouths to feed? My question is how do I know you won't kill me when the sun arises? In a few short hours as I sleep, I will be at your mercy!" Val was taken aback she blinked in disbelief "So,” He interrupted her "So, if I don't find shelter I will die with sun rise!" He moved from the ledge bare feet crunching pebbles as he came lifting Rob gently to his feet. "Forgive me dear Robert as I do have something of a temper. I will be vulnerable and at the mercy of those who watch over me as I slumber. Should you choose to help me survive? I will in turn help you survive. Do we have a deal? May I welcome you under the protection of the Most High Vampire Clan Enoch? What say you?"

Val clung to Rob as he did to her Trevor Clevantes was attractive and appealing to men and women alike. Val felt he could probably convince her to leap from this building should he so choose. "What does this bond do for us?" Rob all but spat. Trevor stood nose to nose with the Black man who stood over him by four inches. "Help me get to San Diego my families’ estate is an impenetrable fortress. There are other humans who serve us, food, protection and most importantly the luxury of relaxation. No more running for Robert you and I both know tis only a matter of time before you are caught. As an offering of good faith I well even provide you with details of my weaknesses for while I am not mortal I am not immortal. I too can die." Val and Rob toyed with the proposal "we already know how to kill a vampire!" Rob smirked "garlic, crosses, a steak, holy water..." Trevor emitted a harmonious deep laughter which infuriated Rob to no end.

"To many movies my friend!" the laughter subsiding "sun light, ingesting the blood of the dead, the afore mentioned steak to the heart, crosses work only if the bearer has faith, and there are no more truly pure priest or men of the cloth left so holy water is out!" Val's natural intellect and curiosity overwhelmed her "so the zombies why won’t they bite you?” Trevor shook his head "don't believe they will for I am nothing more than another of the undead to them. My blood is black my flesh is cool not warm like yours. Most importantly I do not produce the sweet tangy aroma of life as you do.”

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The Union, Chapter 1: The dead unto the undead

The Union:

Chapter One: Dead unto the undead

Twilight is coming, the dark of night whether or not this duo wants it. The harsh reality of daylight had exposed the world's festering and dying carcass to the sun's intense rays. Night however, coats it in a humid blanket of moist oxygen rich air. They sleep uneasy, like field mice who hear the round faced owl hooting just outside their burrow. The exception is that the owls who hoot for them are the living dead, and were once human like them. The hoots are howls, moans, wails, and screeches. Their burrow is a dark, dank fourteen story shipping warehouse just south of the Loop in downtown Chicago...

This man and woman whom seventeen days hence were unknown to one another... lives so separate so distant, that even though they lived and worked within feet of one another had never shared the same space at the same time. Now they rest upon a floor littered with shredded cardboard entangled as if the were octopi embraced in courtship. She is Valerie Couts. At twenty eight she was well on her way to begin amongst the elite of Chicago traveling in the same circles as Oprah. Val bore strawberry blonde hair as she sported a figure most women had to slave away in the health club for. Her fiancée', a brilliant corporate lawyer, had recently received his commission for settling a lawsuit on behalf of the city against three of the nations most wealthy gun manufacturers. Seven figures one might add. Stephen Jones was dead now somewhere near the corner of Jackson and Wacker. Her left hand still polished with sixty dollar a bottle nail polish from Marshall Fields & Co. Clutched tightly was a Glock pistol with only six rounds remaining. He was Robert Berry a husky six foot six individual who barely made it through high school and passed his time as a garbage man for the city.  Anti-social and reclusive described this Black man, with skin so dark he appeared to be made of onyx. Until that fateful day the only thing white he'd felt comfortable enough to converse with was his computer. Across his lap was a fireman’s axe with which he had literally chopped through dozens of bodies with to sustain his life after being trapped in a crowded train station.

How did they meet? Easy enough. Chicago had some warning as the zombie outbreak began in Pennsylvania working its way west. How did it start? No one knew, and no one would ever know, because before they knew what hit them, their one day grace period was up and Death rode down upon the windy city in the mouth of a thirty-two year old flight attendant name Shelly Willis, who infected most of the first class passengers who in turn unleashed the undead infection upon coach, so, that when Southwest Airlines flight 1028 smashed into the terminal at O’Hare International Airport, the dead poured into the worlds busiest airport with unnatural speed. It spread from there outward. Robert was on the job when his garbage truck was attacked on the cities south side, although his union brothers were not as fortunate. Robert was in the trucks cab and tore ass through the street, in the almost indestructible big blue refuse hauling rig with the mayor's name stenciled on the side. He flipped the truck as he rounded a hairpin turn. For his troubles he received a jagged seven inch long half inch deep wound to his left arm. Robert was never a hero by any stretch of the imagination if he saved someone or something, he did so inadvertently while saving himself. Running to the train station proved to be a horrendous mistake, as the dead invaded the set of a chain reaction. Robert fought shoving grandmothers and pre-schoolers alike with ill regard for anyone. Cresting the stairs he saw a young woman screaming hysterically as her fiancée' was devoured. Robert made a move to avoid the woman who drew the zombies attention as if she wore a sign that read "Look at me I am tastier than everyone else!"

Instead she latched on to him crying for help. He tried to shove her off and when he did, she followed him through the ensuing bedlam of death and destruction. Eventually the garbage man and the college graduate became inseparable. Together they fought these "zombies"  as they were being called. Even finding out that destroying the brain of the abomination meant you took it down for good. Even though a hundred more of its kin pursued you relentlessly around every corner. They had met others who'd survived, only to lose them in conflict with the undead, so it always seemed it came back down to the two of them against a city of rampaging soulless demons. They knew not what day it was, nor were they aware of what time it was. All these were as inconsequential as they were to cavemen. It was daytime or night time which brought either another day to scrounge for life begging God for mercy, or at least his favor. The opposite was a night of terror plagued restless sleep if they could only ask God why?

This night had found them trapped in a Fed Ex freight warehouse where they were forced to flee when their car cut a swath through the dead, and gave out in a coughing, sputtering fit as the engine seized. As they fled into the lobby they barely managed to bar the door, which didn't matter. They would get in they always did. The dead never slept. They pounded away like waves upon structures containing the living. Until they broke in like the wind, they were always present massed against whatever they chose to vent their mindless rage upon. They dispatched quite a few of the reanimated Fed Ex dead and wondered if their souls journey to hell was covered by the twenty four hour next day delivery guarantee. Into this cavernous room they plunged out of breath. Val checked the room thoroughly with the gun in hand that they'd picked off a dead cop who wasn't using it. She found one living corpse relieving the wretched woman’s suffering with a bullet. Furiously Rob barricaded the door with large boxes of freight stored high above ground, to aid their transport by helicopter. Once the shadowy room was deemed safe they peered out at the city, bound to each other now by a love of living, not of lust. Chaos was all that they saw in the full three sixty panoramic view. As the city burned all about, many floors below figures did the zombie shuffle as they sought the living to consume. Feeling safe and exhausted, realizing the hopelessness of the situation, because the horde that had chased them into the building had now grown fourteen floors straight down they beat to gain access. Val picked a corner and then settled in to rest up so that they could be fresh for their own demise when it came.

A soft flutter of movement in the room startled Val awake, holding her breath as Rob snored oblivious to anything. "ROB!" she shouted into his solid chest at a whisper "ROB! WAKE UP THERE'S... "Her eyes caught a streak across the room coming for them through the ink of night. Val rolled her athletic frame forward. "ROB!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed a blonde haired youth pouncing on top of Robert. "WHAT… THE" Rob awoke with fight in his veins, but it was to late. A form that materialized out of the darkness was already feasting on his damaged left arm the suckling sounds echoing into the warehouse. Rob fought to throw the dead man off, even though he knew it was to late to be saved. "You bastard!" screamed Val, walking forward Glock 9mm jutted out. Two bangs and the creature on Robs arm scattered back bullet holes in its head. Clearly visible by moon light the creature panted pressed to the glass. "He got me!" Rob was crying tears rolling down his dirty face. Rob scooped up the axe, bringing it down into the panting and moaning thing's collarbone with a crunch. Its lips coated with Robs blood came the first thump at the blocked door behind them from Lord only knew what.

Terrified now crying herself, Val inched over to Rob's gun. Raised, she'd give him one bullet from the gun and then herself because she had seen what would happen after a person was bitten. In no time at all, they joined the undead flesh quest. Rob beat at his arm in utter panicked terror it bleed hemorrhaging blood dripping onto the floor the creature against the wall moaned. "I don't see a bite mark!" More beating as Rob yelled, slapping blood away in droplets. "Don't lie to me Rob!......" Val came cautiously sobbing to investigate. She could find no bite mark, no torn flesh or any sign of what she thought should be upon the ebony arm of her compatriot. "Why....." Rob motioned to the young man against the window, whose breath came in ragged burst. The axe in his shoulder he pulled free and let flop to the cement floor, which brought a chorus of flesh wails from beyond the door. "Didn't you shoot him in the head?" asked Rob of Val while he clutched his arm that slow began to stop bleeding. "Yeah! YES I DID!" Val shouted in disbelief she moved in for a point blank headshot. The gaunt sickly looking young man began to scream and contort his body twisting and flailing about the floor in agony.

There were now a half dozen of the dead who longed to get in, moaning for an orgy of  fresh flesh. Rob and Val backed into each others arms as the young blond creatures skin began to close, mending itself where the axe had stuck. First one, then the other of Val’s lead slugs were expelled by the boys head as the wounds healed. Fully reformed, the pale skinned sickly figure drug himself to the warm puddle of blood on the floor left by Rob. Greedily he began to lap it up like a thirsty human dog. Rob and a slack jawed Val stood frozen. The sloppy sounds done, the boy looked up face bearing more color looking healthier. His eyes in the thin shaft moonlight now the color of chipped granite, he look to be a man of about twenty, with flawless skin not handsome but almost a glowing radiant beauty. Mouth ringed in crimson blood looking like a little girl who'd tried on mommy's lip stick all by herself. It stood shakily on its feet "My......name!" Val shook her head unbelievingly side to side at the tone of the melodic angelic voice. The man thing wiped his mouth upon what appeared to be a tailor made expensive shirt. "My name tis Trevor and I beg of you to help me!" the young man implored. "Without you my family will die a wretched death.........I can surely save and protect you. If you refuse we all shall perish both my race and your species!" For emphasis, zombies hit the door, and it gave a fraction as the wooden create scrapped the floor.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Val blubbered as Rob went to check the door. "What are you?!? Who are you???" The exasperated man boy strode past Val who all though she held the gun had no energy to pull the trigger. Rob ran wide around the figure that had just drank his blood back to Val’s side. The impressive figure in the expensive well crafted clothes, with some effort pushed the boxes that Rob had spent all day stacking back to the door. Returning, his bare feet not making a sound, Trevor spoke again. "I am Trevor Clevatnes Lord Prince of the Vampire Clan Enoch, and my father is Arthur Clevantnes." "The computer chip billionaire ........... Vampires ......zombies you have got to be fucking kidding me! Who turned the world into a Darkhorse comic?" Rob stuttered. More dead hounded at the door, as unknown to the three, the flood gates of the damned had burst below them. Thousands of the living dead poured into the building and headed up to greet them. "I do not jest!" Trevor spoke urgently "With the undead about, my family will starve. If humanity dies then so shall we. The blood of the dead is as lethal to us as arsenic is to you. For the......" The door came free. Trevor spun jamming the barricade back pining a screeching dead child in the door half in and half out. Over the wails of hunger Trevor implored on... "COME WITH ME HELP, ME AND I WILL OFFER YOU FOOD SHELTER AND PROTECTION!" Val almost vomited, gagging deeply. "Become your food or theirs!" Rob shouted angrily "What’s it matter to us! We're dead either way!" The boy vampire strained against innumerable dead foes. The cement around his feet cracking as he planted them pressing back with all his supernatural strength.

Hundreds fought to get at their flesh, as just one sought to protect their precious blood. "I assure you my friend, whatever you may think but one cup of your blood a day will sustain my family's thirst. Can...... You......say the same of the.......them!" The dead were winning. Rob and Val backed to the window fourteen floors above ground. Rob took his axe up. They would fight to the end no matter how painful. They locked eyes. Trevor released the crates, letting them slide backwards, allowing the dead in for their feast. Val and Rob were ready as Trevor came sprinting for them in advance of the dead. In slowed time, seconds seeming to drag on for hours. Trevor Clevantes, who appeared twenty five and in actuality was over two hundred years old, dove onto a defeated Rob and Val. Driving them and himself through the thick glass, shattering outward, and raining razor sharp shards on the unsuspecting dead below who simply looked up as they came. They fell bound together in mass, twisting through the rushing air.

Like lemmings or blind sheep the zombies poured from the window, determined to taste human meat. Silently the trio swooped up on a humid thermal of hot lake water infused air. They were upright nestled in Trevor’s strong arms carried them aloft on a set of black leathery wings that beat hard to keep the weight of three in flight. Behind them, the undead impacted the ground like rotted watermelons, body bits strewn about and still they fell. As Trevor with much effort sought a perch on which to land, for even he was not yet strong enough, weakened by near starvation to carry such weight. "I AWAIT YOUR ANSWER!" He shouted above the wind as they flew. "MY OFFER OF SAFETY OR THE OFFER OF CONCRETE AND DEATH BELOW?"