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Saturday, October 28, 2017



       “Hey, Ms. Ye I’m done for the evening.” The young Asian woman nods “Thank you, Mr. Smith ….” The black man’s bald head seems to hang in the space between the classroom’s partially open door. “No problem I’ll be waiting by the door down in the east hallway to walk you to your car?” She reaches for the silver forearm crutches propped against her desk. The crutches were as much a part of her glasses were. She had used them since she was a child thanks to a genetic birth defect “I would appreciate that very much” She responds. With that, the man disappears from the door. The sound of his massive engineer’s key ring echoes down the deserted hallway. The sound of his keys reminded her of sleigh bells at Christmas. She is vaguely aware of the noise bouncing off the shatterproof opaque windows of the school building. “There are sure a lot of sirens tonight.” She thinks to herself that it is not out of the ordinary for this part of town. Fawn was miffed at herself for staying at work so late again. She slides her forearms into the cuffs with ease. As her hands grasp the black handles, she hears a scream carry down the hall to her ears. A horrible and hollow sound. The echo cascading down the hallway towards her. “Mr. Smith” She calls out struggling to her feet. Fawn wrestles the door to her classroom open. Down at the end of the hall in a cone of light, she can see the engineer laying on the white tiled floor. A figure kneels over him their face down near him. She assumes giving first aid to the engineer.

    She hobbles towards figures on her feeble legs the crutches supporting most of her weight. A rhythmic clapping of the crutches on the weathered tile floor. Signals her approach. “Mr. Smith” She fumbles breathlessly nearing the scene. Blood pools underneath the figure hunched above the big black man in the grimy engineer’s uniform. The young male leaning over Mr. Smith whirls about. Blood covers his face from the chin down. Huge goblets drop off, his chin. They land in the widening crimson puddle at his feet. “Oh God” She cries staggering backwards until she hits a wall sliding down. Fawn Ye vaguely recognizes the boy from around the school. He climbs awkwardly to his feet. With sickly spoiled milk colored locking on to her. Drunkenly he sways in place. With a deep moan, he starts making his way towards her.  Arms outstretched blood caked fingers working like arthritic spiders. Fawn raises up a crutch defensively as the boy falls forward mouth open. His clumsy momentum carries him downward. He hits the apparatus face first. His full weight drives the aluminum crutch through his eye socket. Fawn screams out as the boy goes limp. She dumps him to the side yanking her crutch free. Fawn fights to her feet steadying herself. From behind her, comes a deep powerful moan. Fawn turns on her crutches to see Mr. Smith his neck torn open the wound rimmed with sticky congealing blood. “Mister ….” She says hopefully but to no avail. The large man lurches for her his eyes now white and dead. Fawn can see the metal windowless exit doors just behind him. Cursing her lame legs Fawn acts out of instinct. She plants her crutches bracing herself. Fawn Ye kicks out with all the strength both her crippled legs can muster. Her legs have just enough force to drive the heavy man backwards. She tumbles to the floor watching Mr. Smith fall backwards. Just as he hits the door, his key ring clatters to the floor and then he is gone. Fawn begins to commando crawl for the open door. She moves through the warm gummy blood on the floor. Reaching up for the door, her hands trembling uncontrollably. She takes a brief look outside. Stumbling dark shapes swarm the parking lot. Fawn yanks the door closed as Mr. Smith sits up. She feels the door shake in her hands. Thunderous pounding from the other side rattles the door in its frame. Without thinking, Fawn flips a crutch around jamming it through the handles of the door as a brace. The assault from the outside continues. After several breathless minutes, Fawn finds one of the keys that locks the door. As pounding coming from the other side grows louder. Fawn limps backwards turning around holding onto the wall for support. On palsied legs, she stands staring into the empty darkness alone. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

All Things Zombie: Chronology of the Apocalypse by Shannon Walters et al.


The Chronology of the Apocalypse is a new anthology. It is brought to you by the fine folks over at ATZ (All Things Zombie). The zombie themed anthology follows the zombie apocalypse from its unknown beginning to its bitter end.

  Featuring and all new story me entitled "The Monitor." One man gets to watch the zombie apocalypse unfold from his comfy office at work!

Check it out!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Survivor Journals!


An awesome #zombie themed audio drama with some voice work done by yours truly.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meet The Lucketts

  The emergency broadcast tone blared out from the television. The Lucketts stand haphazardly around the large black box. They had been enjoying a time-honored tradition of watching midday cartoons with the baby before the interruption. The youngest member of the clan leaps into the safety of her mother’s embrace. The seven of them were now transfixed as the blond haired local newscaster from “Channel 13” interrupted their daily routine. He cleared his throat softly his gaze never leaving the camera.  The man’s sickly blue eyes bored a hole into his viewing audience. “It has been confirmed through multiple sources that by some as yet unknown means. The dead are reanimating, returning to life, and attacking the living.” The man on the television let his words hang there in the air. “This is it!” Daddy Luckett shouted gathering his family near. “Kyle and Jaden food stuffs go.” He ordered his two middle daughters. “Sarah upstairs medicine bag go.” He barked to his eldest. “Lorraine you …” He called stopping to see where his wife had gone. “Over here J” She called from the tiny front hall closet of their townhouse. She busied herself donning a harness to carry the baby. “Ok Jorge you’re with me on weapons detail son. “Rally at the front door in five everybody knows the drill.”


    With that, they scatter about the two-story prefab home leaving the commentator on the television at least in this house without an audience. The anchor on the television droned on about the reported zombie sightings across the city and country as well. Four minutes pass before the Lucketts meet back up at their designated rally point. “Alright” J calls out to his family. “Honey” He begins handing his wife two black pistols. “Spare clips are in the diaper bag.” He points to the pink flower covered bag hanging from her shoulder. “Daddy” the baby strapped to her chest coos. “Sarah here you go,” He says giving his oldest daughter her shotgun. “And Kyle this is for you.” J continues placing a small black machine gun into Kyle’s hands. “Jorge” He calls to his only son a solidly built preteen who is bigger than some men are. “I’m here dad” The boy holds up his camouflaged compound bow. He has a matching quiver of arrows fit snugly across his right shoulder. The best graduation gift any kid ever received. “Annnd Jaden” He says looking around to find his eleven-year-old daughter. “Here dad here over here” The wiry tween bounces her hand raised high. “This is yours” He give her a polished black wooden baseball bat. “You remember how were practiced right?” He quizzes the girl. “Yep … yep” is her typical response. He pulls a large black backpack over his shoulders. “Just like we practiced team Luckett.” He draws the slide back on the assault rifle in his hands. “We get to the compound the rest of the team will meet us there.” J looks around at his family. He thinks of all the times that he drilled them in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. Even when their neighbors had laughed at them, they did not stop. Like a modern day “Noah,” he prepared his family for a day most scoffed “would never come.” None of that mattered now it was game time. “J we need to assess the situation before we just charge outside.” Lorraine reminded him as he searched his pockets for the keys to their minivan.


    The family moved as a unit to the glass patio doors. “Sarah turn the TV off please” J said seconds later the noisy broadcast was no more.  J takes the barrel of his rifle and gently parts the blinds slightly. The scene outside their door was pure chaos. Homes in the next apartment complex over the battered wooden fence burned engulfed by roiling flames. Smoke filled the air as a lone bloodied figure shuffled between them and their van parked up a slight hill. “Ok we got one zombie in the lot that I can see.” He cranes his neck attempting to peer as far out into the blind spot on his left as he could. “Okay Lucketts we have ourselves a classic ten twenty eight.” He announces. “No way are dad you kidding me.” Sarah calls from behind him. “Ummm we clearly have a nine fourteen are you blind?” J looks back to his oldest. “Sarah no way you’re nuts!” Kyle interjects. “It can’t be a nine fourteen it’s not night.” She moves up to peer through the blinds. “One zombie contact, no other victims we can see, and its late afternoon.” Kyle smirks “I say this is a clear ten twenty one.” Lorraine squeezes past her kids leaning over her husband’s shoulder. From the slit in the blind, she observes the lone zombie. The dead man with his wild red hair is simply standing swaying in place. Lorraine wonders why the walking corpse has not wandered away by itself. “You’re wrong here daughter.” She tells Kyle turning back over her shoulder. “The zombies have no idea we are here. Which means we still have the element of surprise. We have found ourselves in a seven nine sixty five.” Jorge peeks out the blinds for himself. He watches the fires rage unchecked over the fence. “I’m sorry mom and dad” Jorge speaks up. “It’s a five eleven guys there’s no police or emergency personnel present.” Lorraine sighs “J honey why the hell do we have some many damn codes?” She says clearly frustrated “Well honey …”J has his words cut off mid sentence as the front door bangs open.


    He watches Jaden as she bolts down the narrow concrete walk way. “It’s a one fourteen.” The girl utters like a battle cry. She runs forward bat held high over her head. Jaden updates her family on the run. “There’s a zombie on the ground too guys.” The zombie lurches towards the girl with an angry moan. She unleashes a wicked blow to the corpse’s knees. It goes down leaving its head exposed for the finishing blow. Jaden caves the zombie’s head in dropping it to the ground. “Jaden” Lorraine yells in panic. J pulverizes the glass in the patio leaping out. The rest of his family pours out behind him. Form their blind spot on the left side of the house there was movement. A half dozen zombies move in on the Lucketts. Out of nowhere a battered, gore, covered white car bounces over the curb. It skids sideways in the soft grass. A short husky man exits the driver’s side door guns blazing. Firing a pistol from each hand with a barrage of bullets, he cuts down the zombies. The gunshots stop and the man faces the family. “Uncle Ben!” Jaden screams running leaping into her uncle’s arms. “Where’s this compound you’re always telling me about?” J begins to relax coming over to his brother. “Everybody in we need to head out.” J looks out over their subdivision and sees the undead beginning to filter from open doors, backyards, and garages. The zombie apocalypse has sown its seeds across the globe. The Lucketts have made plans to beat back the undead harvest.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chapter Seventeen: Tending to the Sheep

Chapter Seventeen: Tending to the Sheep


    Val scanned the crowd in particular the brutish female deputy with the pretty face screaming at Robert. Everyone was stunned to silence save Deputy Autumn Wilson "fuck did you come from?" Val was clearly taken aback but she found her backbone responding "up there and must you yell. Why are you so damn angry we haven't done anything to you?" The caramel skinned woman scoffed hands on her hips just above her pistols "no Miss Maryfuckingpoppins you haven't, but your boyfriend here has. He threw my partner’s mother to a pack of those puss-encrusted bastards! Under the incorrect assumption she'd been bitten by one of those zombie things!" She motioned in Joshua Lanes general vicinity. Val gasped turning bright red to face Robert who could not hold her gaze glancing at the floor instead. "Robert you didn't...." Valerie breathed deeply. "It was a mistake..."Robert trailed off whispering "a fucking mistake made in the heat of the moment." Above silhouetted in the night Trevor smiled "oh Robert that will never do." He mouthed to himself keeping Robert along for the ride would ensure his popularity. Not to be deterred Deputy Wilson interjected moving to peer up the hatch "and how did you get past all those undead flesh hungry fuckers outside, and who in the hell is ‘we’ you’re alone Ms. Lady!" On cue, Trevor dropped silently down the hatch landing behind Autumn with a faint rippling of air. "Her name is ..." was all Trevor managed having misjudged Autumn’s disposition, training, and speed. She drew with her left hand tightly gripping a Glock. The "pop" signaled a hallow point slug being deposited into Trevor Clevantes flawless forehead. Everyone scattered filling the cramped space with whimpers and shrieks of "holy shit!" Autumn hit the floor scampering back to Josh who had his weapon unsteadily aimed at the motionless entity standing before them with its eyes shut. Cleo's cigarette hung limply off his bottom lip. His shotgun too dangled weakly from one hand pointed at the floor. Both fell in unison to the filthy concrete tiled floor. Josh pulled Autumn to his side as they waited for the strange young man with the big leathery black bat wings fall to the floor dead. "Trevor!" screamed Val.



  For Trevor every moment drug painfully on stretching out for an eternity. He swayed unsteadily in the middle of the room. A lone black jagged hole appeared over his right eyebrow. A black goblet of thick syrup like liquid quivered on the wounds edge. It hung there like frozen sap on a maple tree. The droplet obviously is what passed for blood in a vampire. It quivered and seemed to be alive. He took a step back his teeth clich├ęd like a vise thick jaw muscles clearly rippling beneath his skin. Val moved in flanked by Robert but before they could catch him, Trevor held up his left hand freezing them where they stood. Steeling himself as the hole begins to seal itself the black blood bubbled like water left to boil. It vanished leaving a vapor trail with a slight hint of sulfur as it retreated into Trevor. The wound finally healed itself leaving no visible scar. The hyperventilating panting of half a dozen human beings along with the moans of the legion zombies were the only audible sounds. "Madame" Trevor called through his locked jaw! He pauses clearing his throat as he attempts to compose himself. “While I assure you that a bullet is not sufficient enough to kill me!" A quick deep-throated heave as if he was dislodging popcorn stuck in his throat. Trevor spat which he despised doing propelling the head of the flattened bullet onto a mustard yellow table with a clatter then off on to the floor. Returning to his unflappable demeanor clam and well spoken, he was no longer the only pale a colorless entity in the room. "That it is quite painful which I find unpleasant, so please make sure that you do not do such a thing again.” Trevor holds his thin index finger aloft. He locks eyes with Autumn. “Unless you Miss are prepared to be on the receiving end of some unpleasantness ... yourself?" Straightening his rumpled clothes Trevor placed a hand on Robert’s back and unleashed a full faced corrupt smile revealing his perfect white fangs. "See that everybody I told you do you jackasses believe me now?" chanted Robert Berry. The world worst straight man played right into the overly dramatic Broadway worthy spectacle. What followed next is something witnessed mostly at funeral appropriately enough. The dammed up emotions barley in place until one lone soul releases it with a wail, scream, or muttered tear-choked phrase. Elegant yet fragile in nature Mosa Doubi the patriarch of the Doubi Clan burst into a loud prayer. Her words are unintelligible to everyone except her husband. Ali understood his native east African dialect. Pouncing on her children covering them kneeling as she wept openly cuddling her the kids to her bosom. Ali himself broke where he stood as rushed to his family behind the counter. The twin boys Stan and Dan whose deceased and reanimated father owned the farm where Cleo Miller worked sat welded to their chairs. Cleo took tentative steps back tripping over his own boot covered feet. Cleo’s own shotgun smacked him squarely in the face causing his nose to bleed. He scurries on weak limp legs across the cold floor. Cleo pushes into Autumn and Josh both deputies weapons aimed at Trevor. The latter clutched his pistol so fiercely his knuckles were cracking aloud. Moving with a purpose from behind the twins is a fortyish slim trim divorcee. Ellen prided herself on a well-manicured appearance threw herself at Trevor's feet clutching his legs. "Dear Sweet Jesus ...please save me" she implored glancing up to meet Trevor's seemingly angelic face while her Grey eyes spilling tears down her cheeks. With no parents to disobey and mock Stacy had any guidance or moral compass. "Me too please." The cheerleader looking girl waving her hands as she came to kneel with Ellen. Sherry Somerset did not know much about this new world, her beloved husband gone her, rock, provider and protector. She knew two things she would make Tim proud no matter how she met her end, and nothing was more important that the child she cradled. Ignoring the dark fairy tale unfolding around her she soothed her child. Fear be damned she would meet her God or die defending her baby. Both events would occur in time but she would be on her feet not her knees when the time of judgment came. Josh's feelings betrayed him his mouth uttered words without getting clearance to do so. "The...The hells going on dude..." muttered the young Deputy losing his family, his, boss, his town crashed down mercilessly on the young man. “Zombies...dead rising ... vampires it is all bullshit ... the government put some shit in... in our water or somethin'. It’s not real I tell ya not at all!" dropping his gun to the floor beginning to hyperventilate himself shuffling in circles Autumn Wilson recognized her partner coming unhinged. She knew the rookie needed time to digest the shitty new world and yes, Autumn knew this plague had encompassed the globe. She needed Josh if either of them was survive springing to action bringing the butt of her Glock down on the back of his head rendering him unconscious instantly. Wrestling him to the floor squeezing him tight to feel his heartbeat and pulse satisfied she had not killed Josh. Autumn refocused her attention and Glock on Trevor. "While I don't deny my partners feeling, I don't share his outlook on life." She met Trevor's gaze and held it earning some respect from the Vampire who had just thrown these refuges world into a spiraling black hole of utter chaos. From the floor holding Josh "I will not bow to you far as I am concerned you are one of those fucking things outside on steroids look at me or my partner the wrong way and we will have a problem understand!" Trevor nodded to the police officer. His attention focused on the back of the room past the catatonic Li Lee and Jim her guardian. "Useless fools the lot of you" Trevor thinks to himself nodding silently. He sees a girl dressed black the way the teens of this generation was prone to. Trevor’s mind wanders back in time. He had known “Goths.” These sheep would run screaming into the night if they had ever come face to face with one. Trevor’s devious smile widened.
Next Chapter June 1st!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chapter Sixteen: Guest of Honor

Chapter Sixteen: Guest of Honor

 Night was approaching from the west as Robert Berry heaved his large cumbersome frame through an emergency access hatch to the roof of the now besieged Subway restaurant in Effingham. Over the last several hours he and Jim Rivers had tried unsuccessfully to explain their current arraignments with no success to the survivors they'd met. He struggled to comprehend the idiocy of people. It was a fact that they refused to accept the very real existence of Vampires. Even as they dodged flesh hungry zombies these nut jobs still had to hold onto their delusions. Below the dead fought like ants on a crumb to gain access to the small restaurant. First Robert scratched his head then went about absent mindedly picking at the dirty dressing covering the wound on his throbbing arm. Of course he had to consider the source as most people in the restaurant voiced nothing but pure hatred for him. Attempting to save himself by tossing the mother of the town’s former high school football star and current Deputy Sheriff to a horde of rampaging zombies was apparently frowned upon. Once they were back barricaded in to cramped confines of the trendy deli shop. Ali Doubi the stout African shop owner unlocked the doors putting his wife and children at risk to protect the remaining townspeople. He huddled in the rear of the restaurant with his wife, adult daughter and teenage son. The Doubi family had been fixtures in Effingham for over twenty years and they owned the humble brick building which was currently keeping them all from being eaten alive by the living dead. Robert became public enemy number once again after Jim inadvertently mentioned the death of Deputy Somerset and Robert’s "accidental" role in said event. Ally Somerset the Deputies chestnut haired six year had been inconsolable by her mother Sherry. The child's wails drove the horde outside crazy with blood lust. They did what they could to sooth her but to no avail.

     Robert sat on the building glancing at the stars breathing in the crisp air a simple pleasure compared to the stale air and unwashed bodies amassed on the ground. He mulled that word “alone” over. After all he had been through starting out by himself when the dead came to the Windy City. He found Val and she found him together they’d managed to survive. Now Things were so bad and as usual from his own making he damned near missed Trevor. "Aww God..." he mumbled softly the closest he could come to a prayer. He realized that if the moon rose and Trevor did not appear he was dead, Val was dead and so were they. “You know...." Coming from behind him a voice tinted with a slight hint of southern drawl. The wiry man from below continued "They all say I should shoot you once I gets up here." Tossing a Camel Cigarette between his lips with ease and extending the pack in Roberts’s direction. "No...Thank you…” Robert politely refused as Cleo lit up his smoke. The slender farm hand sporting a bald head, beet red skin along with an impressive double barrel shotgun this time extended his hand. "Cleo Miller and you are Robert.......um Berry I believe your friend said." Robert nodded and shook the man’s hand with his well worn paw after placing the pistol in his waistband. With a deep sigh "yes… that's me..." Cleo took a seat next to Robert "Robert Berry the consummate loser, wrong choice maker, and all around asshole at your service!" Cleo grinned and much to Robert’s chagrin revealed a set of nearly perfect full set of white teeth. "There go all my redneck teeth jokes..." thinks Robert to himself. “Waitin' on your friend I assume huh....the vampire that is" Cleo smirked. One thing Robert hated was being mocked. He had to admit it if it wasn't for their chance meeting and seeing it for himself. Even after the onslaught of the living dead Robert wouldn't have believed in vampires. "Yes and no my friend…” he bowed his head to his chin "Trevor...." "That's the vampire guy right!?" Cleo interjected holding up a finger. The fetid wails and growls wafting up to their ears from the zombies below "Yes, that's right." Robert continued just above a murmur "Trevor is the least of my concerns..." he was choking up he felt pain grip his heart. For he had no idea he came to care for Valerie Couts as much as he did, she was the only bright spot in an otherwise dead dismal world. "Val was with him when I saw her last after the coach crashed. If he is by some miracle alive then so....so is she, and that my friend is who I am truly waiting on." Cleo took a deep drag from his smoke cherishing the stale smoke before exhaling it the white chemical cloud danced about in the breeze before vanishing. "Hum … wow so you’re not some unfeeling heartless asshole like they all say?” Cleo paused for effect "or is that only when its some one you care for?" Coming into the lean man’s personal space bubble just above a whisper "You know what I did was right .... Those things bite you... you die... you come back and you kill others...." Robert scolded. Cleo shook his head before mashing out his cigarette butt "agreed one hundred and ten percent Mister Berry. However Susan Lane was anemic an here be the kicker....mauled by a horse two days ago at a rodeo in town, and your are indeed right bout Tim Somerset he was bitten by one of'em, but was a fuckin' hero yesss … sir and you why my friend....your a murder plain and simple." Robert threw his head back he was weak all over his body refused to obey any command his breath came in heaping gasps. Robert Berry began to dry heave as even his stomach revolted against him. Rolling to his hands knees mercifully Robert began to spew bile and vomit over the pebble tiled roof. "Jesus!" he cried out "My God..." choking back tears and thick strand of saliva laced vomit. Robert Berry curled himself into a ball as Cleo Miller climbed back down the hatch his damage done. Robert Berry realized as he lay shivering alone watching the sun finally release its hold on the sky. The darkness slowly enveloped the town as night fell. Trevor's words rang true they weren't that different at all except Trevor would do anything to ensure his species survival. As Robert would do anything to ensure his own. "I don’t know how in the name of God I can face him. Hell I can’t face any of them for that matter!?” He thought pushing up on all fours. The black of night at his back shrouds a gift wafting down from the Heavens.

    "Arise dear Robert there's no need to kneel." Trevor's words echoed like bullets as he touched down with Val in tow. Drawing his wings gracefully back the young vampire intentionally went for the dig before Robert could offer one up. "Robert!" she yelled moving from Trevor's grasp throwing herself to the ground covering Robert‘s body with her own. "Val I....." the husky man stammered sitting up with Val in his embrace. "I thought I'd lost you guys!" Clearly Trevor was taken aback by the unintentional emotional out pouring. "Why Robert…” he began "It appears that you have missed me, or are you in such dire straits that even my appearance it better than whatever alternative you face?" Robert stands up without letting Valerie go in the process. “Fuck you Trevor!” Robert shouts defensively. Smiling the athletic young ancient creature sighed "Ahh that's better my friend much better." Trevor brushes away pieces of the demolished coach from his hair dismissively. Finally releasing the young woman from his bear hug "how did you guys survive?" inquired Robert. With glee Val starts to explain how they came to be locked in the lavatory of the wrecked coach. Val tucks a wayward tuft of hair behind her ear. “Trevor grabbed me pulling me into the restroom which was thankfully completely sealed from sunlight.” “Depends on who you asked” Robert thought to himself. “He braced himself against the door and kept the zombies out all day Robert!" She was blushing and the jealousy rose like acid in Roberts’s throat. "Alright we need to plot our next move my friends as it is down to us three again." Trevor spun walking to the edge of the small roof peering down at the unending tidal surge of deadly puppets beating at the structure. "How did you come to draw such attention to yourself you must have every one of those vile abominations with twenty miles stalking you." Trevor Clevantes stood momentarily mesmerized by the horde and their pack like behavior. The zombies in the rear tear at those ahead of them to get closer to their prey. This process was repeated over and over as the living dead whipped themselves into a frenzy bent on satisfying the only instinct they had left to feed on human tissue. "Well that's where you’re wrong leech." Robert was oozing sarcasm. "Not only are Jim and Li still alive those survivors the cop was talking about are all down there hold up all fourteen of them!" Trevor moved back from the ledge "really I thought the Deputy said there were fifteen survivors." "Well shit happens." The garbage man interjected clearly nervous "the bottom line is we now have our own little clan o' survivors we have to deal with.” Puzzled Trevor spoke in a little more than a hushed tone pulling his charges closer. “We must be very careful how we broach the subject of me being a vampire prince and all. For even in this day and age some of your kind might still find it tough to swallow. No pun intended of course." Robert motioned to the hatch "well you see I.....we already told them about you and Val." "How did they take it?" the vampire quizzed as he peered into the small rectangular opening. "They of course didn't believe us… me and Jim that is" at that moment the only thing that hid the blush rising in the man’s face and neck was his dark skin and the vacant black night. "Well there's a shock!" snorted Trevor "So then Robert you first that you may properly introduce us if you please." Robert strode over to the hatch internally infuriated that no matter what he tried the chalk white leech always made him feel as if he were his personal man servant.

    As Robert shimmed his girth through the hatch dropping down into the restaurant it was harder to gather which was more pronounced. The constant clatter of the undead encircling the building went up in the air like music. Masses of putrid corpses seek but the smallest opening to exploit. Versus the other obvious factor constant clatter and noise made by the group. The huddled humans appear to show no desire to mask their presence from the dead. No thought of "Hey if we be quiet maybe a few hundred of them will wander away." They just sat resigned to wait for the end. Robert was nervous but he steadied himself now he could prove them wrong. Worse case scenario "fuck'em all" he knew Trevor would honor his word, and could at the very least carry him and Valerie. Together they would find a place that was devoid of festival seating for zombies. "Folks listen" a slight stammer "they're here. My friends I told you guys about." Almost in unison all heads turned away picking up where they'd left off in conversation. Rob wouldn't be denied his "I told you so" not even Jim and Li paid him any mind. Shouting down the conversation "You know fine fuck the lot of you! I realize I made a mistake...or several, but on the roof is someone who could help us get out of here!" He scolded the self absorbed group. Autumn Wilson moved though the crowd her uniform tattered and stained with blood. Having been raised as the only daughter of a Chicago police officer autumn is completely heterosexual. She unintentionally came off quite butch to most people. Well narrow minded me with small egos among other things. She wore no make up her jet black hair pulled tight in a no fuss ponytail which still held in spite of all she’d been through recently. Deputy Wilson who's Puerto Rican and black mixed race background gave her fair skin and high cheek bones could have been a model, accountant, banker or house wife, but written into every helix of her DNA was police officer. Toned and some what curvy Ms. Wilson had long since lost all semblance of what most people call tact. Parting the crowd she speaks "look you thick bald fuck you've got to have the biggest balls of anyone I've ever met! While we can't agree on much given our current state we all have unanimously voted to shoot your husky ass and chuck you the fuck over the side of the building here before we die!" Fuming autumn thought nothing of coming nose to nose with a man who stood several inches taller than her and out weighed her by a hundred or so pounds. "Play your nut job mind games elsewhere or I'll give Josh the okay to pop your asshole out like a shucked oyster!" Glancing over Robert’s beefy shoulder autumn went silent as did all the other occupants of the Subway. They watched dumbfounded as a petite blond clumsily makes her way down though the hatch. Val felt every eye on her as a pinch of modesty returned to her attempting to straighten her rumpled and dirty clothes Valerie placed herself at Roberts’s side. Listening in from above a treacherous shrewd Trevor Clevantes gathered information which he planned to utilize when the purpose suited him. He knew much of the human race as a young vampire he was forced to study them not just as food but how to manipulate their wills to suit his. For Trevor’s loyalty was to Robert and Valerie and to a lesser extent Jim and Li only. These pawns they had stumbled upon could prove themselves useful.

    His father had once taught him the "Rule of Three" which simply put meant. "There were only three types of Humans in the world." Arthur Clevantes was powerful among men and godlike among vampires when he spoke it was hypnotic impossible not to listen to. He still heard his father‘s words echo in his mind. "The first is a Sheep who will almost instantly upon seeing a vampires true form fall to their knees and swear unto you their lives and the lives of all they hold dear. These humans are the most common, abundant and useful natural resource we vampires posses. They fear us, pray to become one of use, are attracted to us, and look to us for guidance.” His well spoken father never had to raise his voice his words carried a weight that would crush most men’s tongues. “Secondly my son is the Deer no matter what they see in front of them what their petty little eyes behold can not fathom nor digest that there is an immortal god in their midst. Once you reveal the truth to them they shut down becoming worthless and in some cases dangerous. You slaughter them the only reason they exist is sustenance for you.” Trevor nodded when he spoke those words that day long ago and today on the rooftop. He found himself nodding as if he was hearing the words for the first time. That day in his father‘s court he felt privileged. “Thirdly and last but not least is the Lion fierce and unyielding upon seeing your true form they hold onto the belief that they are not inferior to you but worthy of being you equal you can not break or bend them. With these select few you use your greatest strength your mind by bringing them in to your fold using them as overseers for your Sheep or you eviscerate them in plain sight as a show of power. Thus son you further indoctrinate your Sheep while winning over a few Deer in the process.” Trevor had lived a relatively long life in human terms and in all of his travels his father’s words never left him. Nor where they ever proven wrong the only anomaly was the human child easy to frighten hard to gauge and they always spoke the truth that only youth could see. Many a vampire had the chink in their armor exposed by the pure eyes of a child. From the crying infant who screeched whenever one was near. Right down to the “mommy there’s something different about that man” of an innocent little girl passing by him in the street. Trevor made himself ready for the show.