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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Union: Chapter Thirteen: Sensory Depravation

Chapter Thirteen: Sensory Deprivation

In the claustrophobic confines of the bed chamber within the wreckage of a once grand motor coach Valerie Couts sits legs drawn up to her chest trying desperately not to make a sound. The living dead sensing the meal inside the room begin to seek a way into the damaged bed chamber. The vampire could feel the door buckling under the weight of his foes. They sought Valerie’s tender flesh but it was his to have not these abominations. Behind him she sat terrified the whole room looked as if it had been placed in a blender and pureed. Trevor scanned the room nervously checking for any faint signs of sunlight. Finding several pinpricks of light which he took great care to avoid told him two things. One than he was not safe from the wretched yellow ones light and that Valerie was not safe from the undead. He leaned his deceptive weight against the door of the cabin. Trevor has sworn to protect her in exchange for her submission to his thirst for human blood. Protect her from the undead who now roamed the earth in search of live human flesh on which to fest. For Trevor the blood of the walking dead is as lethal to him as their bite is to her. It was only a matter of time before the door gave way then he’d meet met the Sun and she a horde of zombies. Calling to her over his shoulder just above a whisper “Valerie please come to me.” She turns her head to him in a daze unsure of what he was asking. “Valerie…” reaching a hand for the disheveled woman “… if we are to survive. We must seek shelter in the restroom.” Motioning to his left a small dark restroom sat its doorway open sunless and soothing to the young vampire. The inner cabin is sound proof and completely dark devoid of any light. The occasional thump reminding them that the dead crawled all about the crashed bus in which they were trapped. She by the ravenous corpses, and he by the searing sunlight both their foes were relentless. Two very different forms of agonizing death awaited two very different beings less than twelve inches away. That just happened to be the thickness of the door the vampire held shut. Unconsciously she stood coming helplessly to the man thing who silently guides her into the damp restroom. Instantly Trevor appeared before her in the tight confines sealing the door shut leaving the two survivors hold up in a space truly no bigger than a coffin.

In Val's mind she felt all alone hearing the vampire breathe and shuffle readjusting himself in the darkness. It was like being in the same darkened room as a convicted rapist with no where to go. The silence was immovable, but yet she almost desired it to conversing with the creature who was indeed her savior. For as the bus careened out of control he protected her, but she had her doubts as to his motives. Were they true or just self serving? Robert and the others she longed for the humans of her clan feeling powerless against the will of the beautiful physical specimen of male hood. All she was aware of was the fact that they had left her fleeing in advance of the mass of zombies that over took the bus after the accident. Mulling over her options she knew she had to stay with the prince of the damned. What was worse he knew it too! Val's heart broke as she couldn't even hazard a guess as to where to find Robert and if he'd even survived long enough to find shelter. "They went to the restaurant!" was all she held onto "he made it he had to!" she prayed.

"Valerie my sweet..." Trevor calls as she swallows a knot in her throat. "I'll protect you M' Lady fear not!" he spoke at a whisper for the less attention focused on them the better. Did the dead know she was here and full of life of course they did they always knew. Even Trevor couldn't hold an entire army at bay. She remembered back to when the first met, and the dead en mass had proved their sheer numbers more than made up for Trevor's super human strength. "Fine.....Trevor …...I" it should have been obvious to anyone or anything that she was uncomfortable to say the least. Trevor released a frustrated sigh in the darkness "You still refuse to trust me dear Valerie it wounds me to know this." Even in the dark she turned from him and even in the ink blackness he could see it. "Well Trevor put yourself in my place just for a minute!" whispering in a hushed tone.

Vampires were known for many thing chief among them was the inability to empathize with humans. They of course were above that above them. "Madame you forget tis there anything from a human that I desire, I simply take it.” even in the void which they sat trapped his self righteous indignation lit up the tiny space. "No shit Trevor thank you for constantly reminding us of your superiority over us pathetic mortals!" She spat in a huff. Lucky for her the dark obscured the vicious smile across the bloodsuckers face. She wanted him and he knew it, he didn't require the ability to sniff out her excitement to relay this message, but he was getting no where so he decided to flank her emotional barricade. In his many years he has taken numerous women and even some men to his bed. The latter in vampire culture a magnificent display of male dominance as the concept of homosexuality was lost on those who lived for centuries not decades. "I am sorry perhaps you will understand me better if I share a bit with you" he told his quarry with no true intent upon revealing himself.