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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ten things that I would refuse to do if I was a lead character in a zombie video game.

10. Go take a photo to prove the living dead have risen. My response "Look outside you dumbass!" (Dead Rising)

9. Risk my life to save someone who is suicidal. My reponse "Hey just run into that group of zombies and leave me your gun." (Dead Rising 2)

8. Run around in my boxers to convince a survivor to come with me. My response "Kiss my fully clothed ass!" (Dead Rising 2)

7. Go spend a hour looking for a special key. My response "A size 12 boot!" (every Resident Evil ever made)

6. Deliver a message. My response "Knock yourself out champ!" (Dead Island, Dead Rising 1&2, Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, Survivor and Dead Aim)

5. Traverse a decimated zombie/ infected island to retrieve a stuffed teddy bear. My response "Have you lost what passes for your fucking mind?!" (Dead Island)

4. Look for six gemstones to open a gate. My response "Time to climb the fence!" (Resident Evil 3)

3. Go kill a huge zombie because he owes you money. My response "Really are you that stupid?!" (Dead Island)

2. Bring a survivor food to prove I can be trusted. My response "Stay here long enough and you'll be food trust me!" (Dead Rising)

1. Risk my life to give a person that has been bitten by a zombie medicine. My response "Take this hollow point and call me in the morning!" (Dead Rising 2 and Dead Island)