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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A collaboration with a very special author.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

   I take great pride in presenting my most recent writing collaboration. I had been told this author enjoyed my work and was dying to get a chance to work with me. So I jumped at the opportunity to work on this project. I sidelined everything else until it was done. The author came up with the premise for this particular short story and we hashed out the idea together. He tells me this will be the first part in a series of superhero themed short story. It was refreshing to work with such a promising talent. So I proudly present to you our collective efforts. The story is entitled "Fireheart" by Jorge Robert Luckett my son.

Fireheart by Jorge Robert Luckett

Chapter 1: Burning inside

“I studied hard I know I’ll pass this test” Michael thought to himself. He said feeling very confident. “Okay class” the teacher Mrs. scar said (Weird name huh?) “Okay here I go.” urging himself on looking at the clock on the wall it was 1:15. Michael feels he could take this test and easily read the assigned book. The boy loves reading and he was reading “Redwall” by Brian Jacquse its AWESOME! Alright last question what do scientists predict will happen to the sun? “Hmm it loses power and slowly dies I got this.” he says like George Lopez hearing the bell ring. “Time for gym.” he’s nervous about his test to tell the truth. “I’m not really good at science it’s not my forte” Michael thinks. Seeing his friend Gerth Kidney they always make fun of his name. Michael just called him Guy instead and he likes that. As for his last name he can’t think of a nickname for that one. ”Hi Guy!” Michael waves “How’s it going Michael?” Guy asks sounding down. “What’s got you down man?” Michael says politely. He looks nervous like some one is watching him. “The test man how can you stand there and not freak out!” He screams. “Guy don‘t!” Mrs. Scar the teacher yells out “spider!” Again she yelled “Someone kill it please!” “Will someone get this woman out of here!?” Michael calls “she’s making all the girls have a heart attack jeez!”

He runs over and kills the stupid spider. Now they go to gym and after gym Michael knows he will get his test back. “I’m not ready for gym man we have the mile run today.” He said “You can try to do the mile.” They start to run around the track together side by side. Michael and Guy whose longer legs give him an unfair advantage but Michael does his best to keep up. Guy looks over saying “dude why are sweating so bad you’re face is red.” Michael is panting and his breathing is ragged “my …. My chest hurts.” Guy slows down to let Michael catch up to him. Suddenly Michael begins to cough his chest starts to burn “ah Guy my heart feels like its pumping fire!” With that Michael’s legs start pumping furiously as he sprints away from his buddy. “Michael!” Guy calls this time he’s the one trying to keep pace. Michael feels the wind whistling past his face everything is a blur and his feet feel light almost as if they aren’t touching the ground. Then he stops just past the mile line on the track panting his hands on his knees. “Michael……Michael!” he hears looking up to see Guy half a mile in the distance running with his hands in the air. The boy runs up to his friend “dude … Michael what the heck you just ran that half a mile in like the blink of an eye!” Michael stands up his mouth is so dry and he is thirstier than he has ever been in his whole life. “Guy I don’t know but at least my chest isn’t burning anymore.” He stands up slowly only to notice his shirt is signed. Now that he has run the mile Michael has to do pull ups on the bar “Michael you’re first!” Coach Bishop yells “Why me?!” Michael asks he said “you’re easy to pass the time you can get only one pull up.” Coach Bishop Chuckles “Michael just do it and get it over with.” Guy says all Michael could do was to do it and be done.

He went to the bar and did the pull up but the weird thing was he kept doing it he got the most pull ups in the school a hundred. The gym teacher was stunned! “Who are you?!” The Coach yelled then fainted. “Michael how did you do that no one and I mean no one can do a hundred pull ups that’s superhuman!” He had no idea what happened he just did it. “I don’t know how or what I did it just happened!” The bell rings time to go home. While walking in the hallway Michael was wondering what had happened he finished the mile run before any one else and made what he thought had to be the worlds record for “most pull ups ever!” It doesn’t make sense.


“Michael come and get your test!” his teacher called. Once Michael got his test he couldn’t keep his frustration in. Out of fury and anger he bangs his fist on his desk and growls not like a fake growl like a actual growl everyone’s eyes darted all over the room there eyes fell upon Michael who’s desk was on fire! He was desperately trying to put the fire out. His veins felt like they were on fire permanently. Like his very blood was fire. He looked at his hands they were on fire alright but he didn’t feel it. He put out the fire but ran out the room it was time to go home anyway. “I’m sure they’ll call my mom.” he ran to his locker and put on his backpack and ran to the door the principle was coming after him “Michael stop!” he screamed the bell started to ring again he ran to meet his dog James outside the school most of the neighbors feared him but were told not to because he’s half wolf but he was really intelligent, loving, loyal and sweet. An understanding always passes through them like talking. Guy came running and they were off. James, Michael and Guy went running James had a complete idea of what was going on. His owner was being chased by the principal yeah that’s it. Michal kept amplifying his speed it was hard for Guy and even James with his canine speed could not keep up. Michael saw a speck in the distance. He puts on extra speed.


Chapter 2: Family Secrets


He finally got home with Guy and James in tow. His mom notices him sprinting in the house. “Hi Michael.” she said sounding really upset. Guy came and said “Mrs. Roberts….” Michael’s mom raises a hand. “Guy can you just stay down here Michael will want to explain everything to you.” Michael‘s mom waves to him up stairs.

Michael could see fear in her beautiful brown eyes. They were in his room when she started “The principle called today.” she said. “Mom I don’t know what’s g-.” he tried to finish but she cut him off “you have powers beyond your wildest dreams.” Michael was astonished “Your great great grandfather was a powerful king and he had this special power no one knows where or how he got it but ever since then the power was passed down from grandfather to grandson and you have that power Michael. I‘m sorry I didn’t tell you but I was hoping it skipped you.” she told him. Michaels mother stared at her son before speaking again “Michael how’s a mother supposed to tell her son that he can turn into a dragon, talk to animals and has superhuman powers? Would you have even believed me?” “Is that why you were not surprised when I said I had heart burn?” he said. “Yes.” his mother looked around the room. “Do you understand when you look at James kind of like he was talking to you?” Michael was surprised at the question. “Actually yes I do.” he said “You can talk to animals and that’s really rare.” She said. “Cool… but yeah I guess you‘re right I wouldn‘t have believed you mom.” Michael then sits in silence as his mother goes on. “James is a magical dog from our homeland that will explain his intelligence and all that.” Michael was so happy he yelled “Awesome! What’s he called?” “A dog….“ his mother laughs “Now go and explain everything to Guy he needs to know.” Michael went and told Guy the whole story. The two boys sat down stairs in Michaels house. Guy was stunned beyond belief as Michael showed Guy to the door. “Call me crazy Guy but I don’t know if I will be at school tomorrow.” Michael told Guy closing the door and the went upstairs to his room. He got so angry from his test grade he started to morph!

His clothes melted away his hands and feet turn to paws. His nails stretch to claws, he grows a tail and big … great … dragon wings! Michael had turned into a dragon! No wonder why he could see better than usual, breathed fire and broke his desk and ran so fast he was half dragon! The room grew cold as if a frigid mist settled about the room. Michael fells his powers retreating. Suddenly Michael’s window blows open and some one steps in! He was wearing an ice blue hoodie and a weird amulet around his neck. Michal could recognized him easily it was a bully from his old school Bobby Stalls! He was a grade ahead of Michael “I’ve been watching you and I want your power.” he shot his hand and a wave of ice hit Michael in the face the pain was instant. Michael rolls across the floor jumping into the air he transforms back in to the black dragon with an orange patch of scales on its chest. Michal breathes fire on Bobby but it does not burn him or injures him and it covers him like a bubble! Bobby‘s amulet throws off a blue light that protects him against the magic fire. Michael swoops up and hit’s the bully with his tail. “No!” Bobby screams “this isn’t over twerp!” and then he disappears. Michael could not believe what just happened Michael just wanted to sleep. He waddled over to his bed busted and lays down for a well deserved sleep.

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