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Sunday, August 5, 2012

TW. Brown "Writer of The Dead!"

1. Describe each component of TW Brown. Who is The Man, The Myth and The Legend?

I am a husband (took four attempts to get it right) and a father. I have a beautiful daughter, Ronni, and two amazing sons, Cody an Alex. They were born in May and December which is where the name of our publishing company comes from--May December Publications. I am a die hard Seattle Seahawks fan win, lose, or draw. I have been the lead guitarist and vocalist for a band named 'The KaQlin' Zombies'. I love the band KISS and have been hooked since around 1975. I love working out, hiking, and playing fetch with my Border Collie.

2. We both had stories in "Collabthology: Collaboration of the Dead Presents." I love the idea of being published but writing isn't my full time job. What's your opinion on the "payment vs non payment" for a authors from a Author/Editor standpoint?

Naturally I love the idea of getting a little money here and there, but I think that the contributor copy anthologies are a fantastic chance for me to get free advertising. I have no qualms about submitting with the knowledge that my only compensation will be a copy of the book. That being said, I also understand the need to try and crack the "pro-rate" market. If nothing else, it is a nice accomplishment, it certainly isn't for the cash considering it will only be a couple hundred at the very most and usually considerably less. It might get me seen by a larger audience, but the reality is, anthologies are not big money makers statistically. Of course the publisher who can snag a Kirkman or a King is gonna make a few bucks, but the average Joe like me just can't expect to command that type of audience. And I am on record as saying that if I ever crack the "Hollywood" nut, I will still send my stuff to the small presses and indie publishers. I think that there is just a plethora of talent as good as or better than some of the "names" out there.

3. How does a writer become an editor and how do you maintain the "integrity" of the writers work when editing?

Lots of studying, lots of hours pouring over very dry texts, and LOTS of reading. Some rules just can not be found as easily as others. As far as the integrity, I have the opinion that if I am contracted to work on somebody else's work, then we are a team. I send the work to the author for feedback and approval. I have one author who insists of fragmented sentences. He is going for a certain "vibe" and that is what he wants. The bottom line in my opinion as an editor in the indie world is that "the customer is always right" when it comes down to the final decision. If I see something, I will make suggestions, but I always make sure that the author is happy with the final product.

4. You have quite the prolific catalog of work. Is there one that leaves you in awe?

As far as anthologies, it would be Midnight Movie Creature Feature, hands down. I wanted something unique and quirky. The submissions I had to choose from were the best I have ever received. There were at least a dozen stories that did NOT make the cut that were outstanding, but we had to make a cut off. As for my own personal work--I would say I am most proud of my DEAD series.

5. What's on deck for TW Brown and May December Publications?

We have our Spiders anthology coming along with a thriller titled Elena as well as the second volume of the Midnight Movie Creature Feature anthology. Personally I have bowed to fan demand and will be releasing the fourth book in the Zomblog series titled Zomblog: Snoe which I am making a point to stress is NOT a zombie story. Yes, zombies are there, but it is 20 years after the apocalypse and they are not the focus of the story. I am currently writing the fifth book in the DEAD series--Dead: Siege & Survival (due out December 15th of this year) and will be putting together the next collection of Gruesomely Grimm Zombie Tales and the next book in my non-zombie Dakota series as well as the first full length That Ghoul Ava novel.

6. Now that zombies have gone "mainstream." TW how do your zombie tales stand out from the masses?

Zombies are mostly universal. I think my stuff stands out because of the depth of the characters and the story line. My books can often go several pages without mentioning the Zed word. I had read a lot of the stuff out there and have to say I might have not been the first, but I was one of the first to have my bites not be a guaranteed death sentence. Having people who demonstrate immunity is a twist I think makes my stuff unique.

7. Do you pen you zombies as traditional "Romero" Walkers, "28 Days" Olympic Sprinters or somewhere in the middle?

I am a traditionalist. I like the good old-fashioned slow mover. They are like the tide...always in motion.

8. How many ways we can find TW Brown and May December Press on the internet?

Well, there is MayDecemberPublications.com, I am on Facebook with May December Publications, Author TW Brown and Todd Brown. Also, I have my blog at twbrown.blogspot.com and my Amazon author page at http://www.amazon.com/TW-Brown/e/B00363NQI6 then there is @Maydecpub on twitter. And if you can't find any of those, email me at twbrown.maydecpub@gmail.com or twbrown@maydecemberpublications.com.

9. For those looking to jump into your writings feet first. Where do you recommend they begin?

I would say Dead: The Ugly Beginning. I believe it is my best work. And if you are not into horror, then Dakota by Todd Brown would be more your cup of tea.

10. For the win give me your predictions for season 3 of The Walking Dead. Who lives, who dies and who would you kill off?

I think all of the majors live, but if they are going to knock somebody off, I would love it to be Lori. I don't want to say too much in case they decide to follow the graphic novel again. I know who lives and dies as far as the characters that exist ion the graphic novel version of the story.

Ladies and Gentlemen TW Brown! 


  1. Fantastic interview!!!! I definitely will look for Dead: The Ugly Beginning too. :)

  2. Thanks to Jamal for the interview. It was an honor and a privilege. And to Nine9, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know either way.

  3. You guys are gonna make me quit my day job! Thanks Zombob and Nine9. TW I thank you for the opportunity to tug on Supermans cape and thank Denise for brining us together for the interview!

  4. great interview... always get a bit more info from you! the stalker profile is growing!