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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Armand Rosamilia a Jack of All Trades Survior.

Ladies and Gentlemen tonight's "Sunday Night Sit Down" brings us one seriously cool cat Armand Rosamilia. Armand is a writer and editor whose been published in anthologies and full length works as well. He is everything and then some over at Rymfire Press. Let's get to it then.

1. Armand you had "other loves" before you discovered the undead? Which outlets have you taken the most enjoyment from?

Writing more traditional horror stories is my first real love. I'm not really big on slasher violent crazy stuff, I like more horror that freaks you out by what you can't see or read, letting your own thoughts fill in the blanks.

2. What is your favorite subject matter to write about other than Zombies? Tell us about "Keyport Cthulhu Tales."

I've always been a huge Lovecraft fan, since I was a teenager and trying to figure out what he was talking about. The Keyport Cthulhu series is my loose homage to the feel of his tales, set in modern day, in a real town in New Jersey that is pretty creepy in its own right. Toss in some odd characters, some Lovecraftian twists and turns, and you have a series of short stories that can be either read separately or tied together.

3. Tell us about Rymfire Books and what your editorial role is? What genre does Rymfire Books specialize in?

I am the editor. And pretty much everything else right now. I've focused on getting the State of Horror anthologies out, and have nearly a dozen released or in the works, and the plan is (obviously) to get all 50 States done at some point in the distant future. That's been the focus for me right now, as well as my own writing.

4. For those of us who don't know tell us about "Metal Queens Monthly?"

Metal Queens and Metal Queens Monthly is my non-fiction series of releases, showing my love for Heavy metal and female musicians and fans of the genre. I do interviews with female members in bands and also interviews with fans, telling me what they love about Metal. It's a fun series and I wish I had more time to keep it going, but at this point I put them out whenever I get back to it.

5. In "Zombie Writing!" you speak of how you had no interest in "zombie" fiction but upon finding a book by Brian Keene that changed. I've read all of Brian's "Dead" books myself. Tell me what sparked you interest in "Brian's Zombies and how it influenced your writing of the dead?

I went into reading The Rising by Brian Keene with the pre-conceived notion I'd like it because it was a Keene book but that was it. When I started it and saw he'd done something a bit different with zombies, I was intrigued. I finished the book and grabbed the rest of the zombie books from him, and then started reading other authors and especially zombie anthologies. I was amazed at how many slightly different ways you could tell a zombie story. I came up with my own concept and that eventually turned into the Dying Days series.

6. Please tell us what is an "Extreme Zombie Novella" and what makes your "Undead Extreme?"

I think it is more of a marketing concept than actual, to be honest. My first Extreme Zombie Novella was Highway To Hell, which shocks you from the first line. But then I wrote a actual story. It has plenty of gratuitous sex and the threat of zombies not only eating you but raping you is there, but never got into actual rape scenes… OK, just in the beginning paragraph, lol. The Dying Days series isn't about rape scenes, it's about the added threat from the zombies.

7. Who is "Darlene Bobich Zombie Killer?" How does a woman come to be a "Slayer of Zombies?"

Darlene Bobich is your typical 28 year old woman, plain and a bit overweight in the beginning. She works at a makeup counter in the mall in Maine, lives with her dad, and has the same fears we all do. She's no super woman, she has panic attacks, she cries, she is just normal.

8. Armand what's on your "Event Horizon?" Tells us what we can expect from you and Rymfire Books in the future?

I will be continuing both the Keyport Cthulhu and Dying Days series, so look for releases coming up in the next few weeks in both. I also have a few other things up my sleeve. Angelic Knight Press will be releasing a horror novella by me somewhere around October, and I have other things that aren't finalized yet. I'm always writing.

9. For new and old fans of Armand Rosamilia. Where can we find you and Rymfire on the web? Let's start with your Amazon page and go from there.

I try to be everywhere. Amazon Author page:
… find me on Facebook, on Twitter
… on Goodreads… and my blogs at:

10. Let's twist the last question a bit. What's your Walking Dead preference the TV show or the Graphic Novels? Tell me what you see in the future for your pick as it relates to story line and/or characters?
I have to be honest. I never read the graphic novels. And once I started watching the show I decided not to start reading them and point out all the differences in the two and judge one against the other. I find myself doing that with Game of Thrones and I get annoyed at remembering small things different in each. Once The Walking Dead is over I will go back and read the graphic novels.
There you have it Ladies and Gents Armand Rosamilia!

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